Watch Dogs PC Weirdest Bug Yet? Game Breaking Car Bug Found

CanadianGamer writes: We’ve seen a lot of weird Watch Dogs PC game bugs over the past week from performance issues, sudden crashing to save game breaking bug, but this one is rather interesting. A gamer name “Zao Tech” on YouTube experienced what seems to be the strangest bug to surface. While restoring his current game progress and going on in the game, as soon as he enters a car the game just stops responding as he can’t drive or get out of the car, the game just hangs there.

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chippychan1480d ago

I had sort of a similar thing happen. I was playing poker and after a while some of the controls stopped responding. I could look around, go to the menu, and jump to the nearby camera (to cheat), but the buttons to bet/fold/leave just wouldn't work. I had to close the game (I'm playing on PS4) and restart.

Luckily I didn't lose my entry fee for the poker game ($10,000), but I also didn't get to keep my winnings.

wynams1480d ago

Had exactly what you described happen to me. I just gave up on cheating though and was able to finish and keep my winnings.

Infinity_Rasta1480d ago

Hmmm I wonder how much doe N4G gets for feeding us all this watch_dogs shit -.-

Ps. I think that watch_dogs is a pretty good game.

Clown_Syndr0me1480d ago

Im yet to find any bugs really. Ive seen a couple of glitches like pedestrians stuck in walls etc but nothing major.

The most annoying thing to me, and yes this is extremely picky and shouldn't bother anyone, is that the inside of Aidens hat isn't textured. (atleast not on the outfit I used) so at some angles I can see the sky through his hat.

I used to do alot of 3d modelling so believe it ot not, that irritates me.

Great game though and first game I've been addicted to in a long time!

Redrum0591480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Ubisoft needs to hurry up and patch this game up. I'm currently playing on the ps4 version and I've come across a bug that if you purchase the car from the uplay site, your game will not load. I am currently not able to continue my game (only loads 90% then it freezes) and it's pissing me off.

I payed 60 bucks for this damn game .


chippychan1480d ago

That's weird, I have the uplay car redeemed and working fine on my game (also PS4). I wonder what triggers the problem?

I redeemed it before I even playing the game though (I had left over uplay points from other games). I wonder if that matters?

Hope your problem gets fixed.

Redrum0591480d ago

I've searched through forums around the web to find out that the bug is only triggered when you redeem a play item while in the middle of your campaign. Some have solved it through just starting a new campaign but I feel im way too far into the story to just simply start over. Ima wait it out a couple of more days, if there's no patch by then then I'll start over... Which sucks but oh well.
Fun game though