Microsoft Has All the Momentum Heading Into E3

The Xbox brand is running downhill entering the industry's most important trade show, and it's all due to big software news and that new $399 price tag.

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Yup...thats what it feels like so far.

Kingthrash3601479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I feel all are on even ground.
IMO Sony will have the most to show.
Sony has...uncharted..project beast..last guardian.. Maybe gow4...the club..Sony bend game..Sony JP game..none of thos are fps games BTW...but sony does have that massive fps port from PC coming not to mention vita games.. Psnow..and morphious. Plus more exclusive indies and better versions of 3rd party games.
Nintendo hopefully will show Zelda metriod and Mario RPG along with SSM and 3ds games....maybe even starfox.
X1 will have what trywiz said below.
I say all have momentum.
Just because Xbox has a new SKU doesn't mean they gained momentum... If anything its less attractive at that price..they should have made it 399.99 with kinect and 349 without. Being the same price as a more powerful machine is still not attractive.

CYCLEGAMER1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

No doubt, the ps4 will have more (things) to show. However I think that MS will have more GAMES to show (excluding Indies). I have to add the indie statement in there these days because people are now counting indies as big exclusives.

gamernova1479d ago

@MELMAN you speak the truth. I don't get why indie games are so important now. I do understand that the games like The stanley parable provide unique experiences but they just aren't big players like Forza or like uncharted. I am a PC gamer so I can appreciate the encouragement of having low budget dev teams release games but lets not start treating them like the big boys for the sake of pure competition between the xbox and playstation. It is possible for an indie game to blow up like minecraft but until then, I see them as a bonus.

Kingthrash3601479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Excluding indies? Those are not games? Psnow neither?..why? Because you can already buy what psnow has to offer...but what halo1234 remakes counts? Smh
Indies=games so does rereleases. What you exclude games to be right?..which is still wrong ..tell me 1 thing..what non inde games will ms have...what will Sony have? Sony has more 1st party studios. Smmfh right now..Sony already announced more new many NEW IPS will ms have? List please.

user14394141479d ago

Its all downhill from here XoXoXoXo

tuglu_pati1479d ago

Plus today the announced that June XboxOne software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth.

"Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 per cent additional GPU performance. We're committed to giving developers new tools and flexibility to make their Xbox One games even better by giving them the option to use the GPU reserve in whatever way is best for them and their games."

MS is really hitting that momentum heading to E3

Automatic791479d ago


Anything positive about X1 you seem to come on and think that it is not possible. Take off your goggles and read around the month of May was positive for X1 and now leading into June so is the June.

Note: I feel all will have something for all is.

beans1479d ago

I love indies and xbox1 but will never choose an indie over a true AAA game. Also Sony looks to have great games being created as well as MS.

Kingthrash3601479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I said all will have something to show at e3...lower your detectors and aim it at the silly guys who say indies aren't games...or that ms has more games...those are both lies and I speak out on liers. That's why no one puts up lists EVER.
I'm no fanboy I'm a gamer and I hate when people downplay games indies are games. Respect is due for the devs who make incredible on a budget.
I won't say indies are a better brand of games..but they are games. Some are better then the AAA games out there...
They rate better too. Metacritic this month has transistor besting watchdogs and wolfingsten ...towerfall bested tf and infamous.. Smh give credit where its due...even resogun had the best score of all launch games. Smmfh. Fake gamers ignore all games...real gamers play all games..enjoy and understand games. I'm done with this convo though. Too much fan war going around today.....
Oh and please don't mix me with fanboys my comment was about all consoles at e3 and indie GAMES. Not who's better than who.

Lawboy21479d ago

@ king thrash

Sony does not have more first party studios than has 13 first party studios and Microsoft has 22 +

Lawboy21479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

@ king thrash

Sony does not have more first party studios than has 13 first party studios and Microsoft has 22 +
Microsoft studios
Sony studios

Also as of right now Microsoft first party has put out 5 new ips

I lied it's 6

Project spark (not in the original list)
Fighter within
Power star golf
Loco cycle
Project totem

Mind u they might not be big sellers but they are all new ip also don't forget that

Sunset overdrive
Quantum break
D4 (not in the original list)

Are all new ip...that's 11 new ip in one year since release (besides quantum break and possibly D4) and we haven't even made it to e3 yet

Kingthrash3601479d ago

OK so now indies count? Lol now put up Sony's list and compare.
Oh and tf is not a exclusive BTW. Remember to include the I'll go grab some popcorn.

zeuanimals1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I don't get what everyone's obsession with pre-E3 momentum is. Shouldn't what matters be what happens at E3?

Every year there's a ton of momentum for a certain team for the Superbowl, for a certain fighter in a big PPV MMA or Boxing match, etc. The fighters and teams with the most momentum are not always the ones who come out on top.

The same applies to E3 and every other big event where competition is involved.

Lawboy21479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

@ kingthrash

There's ur list and

Lol ur not to bright....non of those game I listed are indies...they are all published by Microsoft....indies mean that they are independently if I said super time force or nutjitsu then those would be new ip tht are indies...every game I listed is either Microsoft first party or a triple A exclusive to Microsoft u should learn to read and do research

Now please give me a list of announced sony first party and triple A exclusives that are new ip for the ps4....I'll even help you out


Project beast
MM new ip
GG new ip
Sony bend new ip
Naughty dog (may have a new ip coming out they are rumored to reveal 3 other games other than uncharted 4)

I may need help because I don't know of any third party exclusives that sony has....if anyone knows I would prechiate it...Pls list new right now we have three announced and 5 unannounced that's looks like 8 new ip so far for sony

Mind u I didn't even list the unannounced games that Microsoft may release with all the new studios they have...u know there working on something

I did out up a wiki for the the two systems first party...the games are in the list....and please don't bring indies as new ip....I'm glad u love indies but not everyone does...I haven't played an indie on my ps4 yet...

@ zeuanimals

Actually I knew someone would say one wants to give Microsoft credit...there first party studios and if u say sony has more first party studios they don't those 22 are for gaming they may not have made any games but there for gaming that's why there is 2 list gaming and non gaming on the Wikipedia page

Kingthrash3601479d ago

Wiki the games lists please...Iwould but im on a phone.

zeuanimals1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )


Actually read that list for MS, they're counting studios that devote their time to R&D, the cloud, network restructuring, etc. Those are not studios that work on games and they will likely never work on games.

MS has 9 real gaming studios, 3 of which are primarily Kinect studios plus Rare which is also a Kinect studio now and hopefully not anymore since Kinect has been dropped.

Sony has 12 and 3 of them have sub-studios. Sony Japan in particular has 2 sub-studios as well as the core studio. That's 16 fully functional gaming studios.

Kingthrash3601479d ago

Above...i wasn't even gunna correct him...I was just gunna let him look misinformed and enjoy my popcorn. People who just use google tend to look past the details. Every real gamer knows ms has less gaming studios..smh.

sic_chops1479d ago

@gamernova because indie studios have the potential to become a AAA developer one day. Just think about it for a minute. Bungie started small and look where they are. If only some people would use their brain.

1479d ago
zeuanimals1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )


People don't want to give credit to MS for having 22 studios? More like people don't want to give credit where credit is not due. MS does not have 22 gaming studios, atleast not by my and most people's definition. My definition of a gaming studio is a studio that makes games. Simple. If you consider studios that will never work on games as gaming studios, then my basement might as well be a gaming studio.

Also, this is Wikipedia, some random joe wrote that and put non-gaming studios as gaming studios. The Sony Wiki doesn't even have the studios that work on R&D, network infrastructure, PSNow, etc. and if it did, I wouldn't count them as gaming studios because they don't make games.

BitbyDeath1479d ago

Xbox One

Exclusive = 17
Microsoft exclusive = 9
Console exclusive or timed = 11/2
Multiplatform = 135
Playable = 42 available to purchase (9 of these are exclusive to Xbox One)


Exclusive = 28 (1 of these are free-to-play)
Sony Exclusive = 20
Console exclusive and/or timed = 70/1 (8 of these are free-to-play)
Multiplatform = 130 (1 of these is free-to-play)
Playable = 76 available to purchase (10 of these are exclusive to PS4)

Phatty1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I always think Sony has the most exciting looking games and puts on great shows at E3. Not a knock on Nintendo or Microsoft, but Sony delivers the best with games in my opinion.

I am interested to see what this E3 is like, it will probably determine what I buy.

I am actually very excited to see what Nintendo will bring too.

Kingthrash3601479d ago

Thanks bitby....lawboy didn't want to post that. Smh...

4Sh0w1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

It's not that indie games are not games, that's silly but 95% of them are stat filler games and frankly are no better quality then what kids & Grandmas play on their cell phone while waiting at the dentist office. Even some of the great ones ate not on par with the depth of big titles. Fun is a relative term but you pay more ($60) because of the typical assets/resources used to create those games regardless of personal opinion on its rating/score. Given this logic I don't think there's anything wrong with saying 'meh or discounting indie games when looking forward to games for a $400-$500 home console. I enjoy them but I wouldn't put them on lists with AAA games.

Sure today's indies are tomorrow's AAA devs, yeah and truthfully it's like saying today's high school ball players are tommorrow's pro's, true but how many? I support indies if their talent stands out but I don't automatically give them credit until they wow me, hell some AAA devs don't wow me but I just don't get the indie hype when last gen 360 had more than I ever wanted, that's cool, some are a nice bonus, then there are a handful of rare gems but none were on my wish list as a deciding factor for buying a next gen console.

Scream, yell and shake your head all you want but I think micro is poised to have a great E3, sonys been relatively quiet but that could be part of their master plan to wow ps fans with some huge surprises. HOWEVER, make no mistake, I will guarantee if sony has another E3 hyping indies the majority of the time then I think alot of sony fans will be very dissapointed.

Kingthrash3601479d ago

Lol 4show...smh I knew you or truefan would come and display your radically bias opinion. I dunno how many times y'all gunna flip flop your opinions. I remember when ms announced they had 200+ indies and you were all its....this.

Volkama1479d ago

smh smh smmfh.

^^ That's annoying.

FGHFGHFGH1479d ago


What's the difference between indie games and games like max, project totem, loco cycle, power star golf, d4, and fighter within? These games may be published by microsoft, but they're low budget xbla games. Fighter within is just an awful game. I cant't believe that they charged money for this game.

Volkama1479d ago

Fairly sure Fighter Within is a Ubisoft game anyway, though I can't be bothered to check the fact.

pyramidshead1478d ago

Bubbling up bitbydeath for slamming down the cold hard truth in Xbone fanboys faces.

Lawboy, you really ought to read those studios on the MS list, I knew another Xbone fanboy who reeled me off that list and there are quite a few you can instantly discount because they almost have nothing to do with gaming specifically. Hell some even are devoted to windows mobile, not Xbone.

JMyers1478d ago

@ Kingthrash

So now Indies are being counted towards MS exclusives games? Funny how this changes whenever it suits the discussion...

How about the games announed at Gamescom, or does Europe not count? RIME? Shadow of the Beast? Everybody's Gone to the Rapture?

Not to mention the unannouned titles that are coming form MM, SSM, Quantic Dream, Sony London, Bend... H1Z1...? I have still to count titles like Outlast, War Thunder, War Frame, ResoGun, Dont's Starve... as these can be found on PC.

There is no point in Sony showing all their cards not when the market doesn't need them to. They are in the lead and wil; no doubt announce 5 million sold through to consumers next week. MS on the other hand MUST play all gaming cards, as their backs are to a wall.

TRS_Gear1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

The ignorance in this thread is so thick I am figuratively choking to death!

I don't care how many announced projects Sony or Microsoft have in the works. How many do both have that have yet to even been announced!?

There are a TON of fantastic games coming out on both platforms, all of you idiot fanboy's grow up and realize that the best games will not be on only one console. There will be a rather even split at the end of the generation.

Yes at this exact moment I am looking forward to more PS4 games, but that could all change drastically on Monday.

Go Gaming! Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and PC. I don't care who the F makes or publishes the game, if it looks like fun I'm playing it!


Most of you should be ashamed of yourselves for how narrow minded you look. If you are true gamer's like you all claim, except the truth. There are fantastic games on every device!

SilentNegotiator1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

"I have to add the indie statement in there these days because people are now counting indies as big exclusives"

Unlike last gen, when nobody made a big deal out of the exclusivity of SuperMeatBoy, Limbo, etc, etc. They were just those itty bitty, unimportant indie games that didn't count.

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christocolus1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

So far they've got everyone so hyped and ready for their conference..I bet they are going to have a hell of a show at E3.its going to be one to remember.

I've heard Phil is keeping a tight lid on everything from here on and its amazing how much they've already announced and i wonder how much they've got planned cos even if they give us gameplay demos of halo5, forza horizon 2 and sunset overdrive on stage they,ll still have over an hour to show more and right now no one knows what they've got unannounced.what other projects are their first and 2nd party devs working on?, what are their new studios going to announce?,who are their new 2nd and 3rd party dev partners?what do they have planned for japan and what about their vr tech?. So many unknowns. I'm so psyched for the show.

I also agree with Melman. Sony is pushing ps4, ps3 and psvita they will definitly have more stuff to show across the board but my guess is that MS will show more AA titles.. In all its going to be an exciting show.

truefan11479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Yea it's not even a debate at this point Phil Spencer has been talking up pre E3 and the E3 conference itself and he has yet to disappoint. In terms of the competition, nintendo won;t do a live conference and sony has been very quiet and not in a just wait until they see what we have cooked up type of way. Sony is usually very open to bragging about sales leads, hardware, and policies, but on the gaming front, zilch. In all seriousness the ps4 insiders has been keeping sony hype afloat, even though they have been proven wrong many times. MSFT has all the momentum heading into E3, it is theirs to lose.

PS a big factor is that Phil Spencer said the conference will focus on games playable in 2014, so far near guarantees are Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo 2 (possibly collection), Below. This does not include unannounced ips, listed on the schedule.

QuickdrawMcgraw1479d ago

With up coming Zelda announcement MS could easily find it self once again in third place...

choujij1479d ago


But they're already in 3rd place. They haven't caught up to Wii-U's install base numbers.

beans1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I think he's talking about e3 not consoles sold. Also I love Zelda but don't see why it matters if it puts them in 3rd I r whatever. If you don't like xbox then of course the show won't excite you. I'm hoping for a good show period for all gamers simply because I love games. All haters will always hate and it's really that simple. Also I'm not calling you a hater.

jkendrick1479d ago Show
stuna11479d ago

Yeah viewing Sony E3 conference from movie theaters just screams nothing to show!?/s

We get it, you're a truefan of Microsoft.

TheSaint1479d ago

Do you even believe what comes from your own keyboard truefan?

Or are you just playing a role by this stage??

GarrusVakarian1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago ), dat trademark Truefan self-reassurance whilst pretending to be talking to everyone else. You're such a fraud.

" sony has been very quiet and not in a just wait until they see what we have cooked up type of way"

Never change mate, never change.

pyramidshead1478d ago

They don't need a PR mouth piece like Spencer to say what exactly gamers wanted to hear back in Novemeber of last year, PS4 said it for them with games.

PS4 is generating hype all by itself coming into E3. Spencer is doing what he can with a broken Mattrick-style sabotaged brand, kudos for his hard work.

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TheSaint1479d ago

The very next news article is a stat saying 79% of gamers WON'T be getting an X1.

One of these statements is a lie.

miyamoto1478d ago

"The Xbox brand is running downhill entering the industry's most important trade show, " yup that is their momentum alright this year.

No amount of billion$ can change the M$ train wreck.

HaveAsandwich1478d ago

lol i'm sorry but it doesn't feel like ms is running anywhere. that's just me though.

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trywizardo1479d ago

yup , with forza horizon 2 , halo 5 , sunset overdrive , fable legends and gears of war "black tusk" everyone is holding their breath to it , whither its xbox fans that want games or haters that want these games to fail .

Revolver_X_1479d ago

Leave it to a fanboy to think gamers want franchies to fail because they are exclusive. Out of that list, they are welcomed to the community, except Fable. Fable has gotten worse with each addition.

Godmars2901479d ago

The X1 certainly has the most attention on it, but Nintendo as well as Sony could take that away from them easily.

Convas1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Definitely feel like Nintendo is dark horsing right now. They too have a lot to prove and I think they could knock it out of the park with the new Zelda U, Fire Emblem x SMT, Yarn Yoshi, and a surprise or two (F-Zero pls!).

AAAAAAAND, with the momentum from MK8, drop the price to $249 for the 32GB SKU and $199 for the 8GB SKU.

tuglu_pati1479d ago


Agree I can wait for next monday it should be interesting

Darkstares1479d ago

I think they will all have a great show. Difference is Microsoft and Nintendo are the ones who have the most to prove, more so Nintendo.

Sony has the momentum as far as hardware sales but Microsoft has taken a page out of Sony's book and that is releasing bits and pieces prior to E3. What's ironic is now it's Sony who seems rather quiet and that could mean big things from them. At least I hope so.

The consumers win in the end because they all want our business and will push harder if they feel they are not meeting expectations.

JeffGUNZ1478d ago

I agree with Nintendo, but all have something to prove. Sony has a lot to prove in games this E3. Booth MS and Sony have been lacking, but MS has been confirming new games left and right lately.

kenmid1479d ago

Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2,

Anon19741479d ago

Umm...what momentum does Microsoft have at this point? The article didn't really touch on that. It mentioned "ever since Titanfall" but we haven't seen really any increase to speak of in Xbox One sales in the US. I think the numbers spiked up that one month in the US and then dropped off again immediately by over half, if memory serves me. That's actually the opposite of momentum.

As for any "momentum" based on the price cut, what's that based off of? The Xbox 360 was cheaper than the PS3 the entire time and head 2 head the PS3 handily outsold the 360 from the moment it was released, despite the PS3's higher price. A lower price doesn't automatically mean success, and the price cut hasn't even kicked in yet so it's hard to gauge "momentum" for something that hasn't happened yet.

As CNET pointed out in a recent editorial, far from Microsoft having momentum they're completely behind the eight ball going into E3, and we're most likely a year or more away from seeing a new Halo or Gears of War game. And we just had a Forza game on the Xbox One. Why on earth would the average consumer be clamoring for another Forza title so soon? And while Sunset Overdrive looks cool, you ask the average gamer how excited they are for that title and 9 times out of 10 you're going to get a blank stare anymore than if you mentioned 1812 (or whatever the hell that PS4 game is coming out next year). They simply brand power at the moment. Certainly not enough to drive console sales or shift momentum at the moment.

"If the PS4 and Xbox One had launched with the same price tags, there's no doubt in my mind that Microsoft's machine would be #1 in North America right now."

If that's the case, I've got some nice swampland I'd like to offer you. Again, the PS3 was hundreds more than you could get an Xbox 360 for when it launched and it outsold the 360 worldwide from the moment it was available. Price is only one factor.

LordMaim1478d ago

The ironic thing is that it's really an apt metaphor. In physics terms, you can have a substantial amount of momentum and yet not have a whole lot of speed, all due to your mass. Coincidentally, that mass also makes it difficult to change your speed and trajectory.

Microsoft has spent a lot of money, time and effort trying to turn things around for the Xbox One, and cut a lot of "dead weight" to do it in the process. Now that they're moving in the right direction again, who's to say what they can accomplish, but momentum doesn't mean much if you don't have the speed to catch up.

Somnipotent1479d ago

After last year's performance, they have no where else to go but up.

Godmars2901479d ago

But people said that they "won" then.

And though it wasn't that they didn't do a good presentation, it was that it ignored an issues everyone wanted addressed.

KwietStorm1479d ago

They had a good show last year..

kenmid1479d ago

All they announce was games, and how is that bad? Trust me I know there policy suck and price but they had a great E3.

beebap1479d ago

But they shot themselves in foot my staying quiet about full details about drm etc before e3 so you cant blame people for not appreciating silence from them on these matters. If they had dealt with that first and their conference would have judged by standards expected from previous year. Microsoft silence made e3 into something different last year and people wanted answers.

JeffGUNZ1478d ago

What? Do you mean their REVEAL? Their E3 was viewed as a great success as it focused solely on games. The reveal was a separate date which the DRM and whatnot came around. Two completely different events. Last years E3 was nice.

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