Wolfenstein: The New Order – Dipping Its Toes Into Racism

Pixel gate wirtes:

**Minor Spoiler, please be aware or thou shalt be spoiled*

''There’s a number of subjects that are often seen as too sensitive to be included in a video game. As such it’s rare that a video game will touch upon themes such as racism, imperialism, and progression at the cost of evil deeds. Video games tend to keep their noses clean away from these touchy topics. Well, mostly. Every so often a game will dabble, make the player question the role they play in the game. Who would have guessed the no-nonsense Nazi shoot-’em-up Wolfenstein: The New Order would be a game to dip its toes into controversial waters.''

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TheMapleNerd1414d ago

The headline is a little misleading since in the bottom of the article, he writes that it is about a comment in the game where a character says that "no society is truly good in the sense of absolute"

GamerEuphoria1414d ago

I'm crap at thinking up titles, plus most long titles on n4g get reported so kinda stuck between rock and a hard place

KinjoTakemura1414d ago

The title is more than "a little misleading." CLICK BAIT!

GamerEuphoria1414d ago

Coming from a guy who brakes N4G's rules to increase the degrees the story hit, kk bud kk.

KinjoTakemura1414d ago

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

Activemessiah1414d ago

Dips it's toes? that's a world where Nazis have won and rule... and the part "jumped the human race forward technologically" it was achieve through unethical means. The experiments that took place auchvitzts I'm pretty sure were scientifically used in throughout the modern society. We can curently mess about with human cloning and find answers that will come to us in the distant future but nobody wants to push that envelop because it's wrong. For the Nazis, the end justifies the means 10 times out of 10... no boundries, no compromise with full determination at all costs... THAT is how they have achieved what they have in the game.

LAWSON721414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

No they got there advanced tech from a group of individuals that were pretty much geniuses. Nazis got a hold of blueprints by finding one of the smaller hidden library locations around the world

chuck8261414d ago

Watch Dogs is a really racist game I think

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