Ubisoft Creates Morality System With Watch Dogs' NPCs

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"If there’s one thing we all love to do in open world games it is killing the citizens of whatever city we’re in. Whether it be in Liberty City, San Andreas or the rain forest in Far Cry 3, roaming around with guns a blazing taking out the local townsfolk is one of the most laugh-inducing antics the player can do. I've experienced that with a simple feature Ubisoft has somewhat halted my murderous rampages in their newest franchise Watch_Dogs."

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DEEBO1357d ago

Yeah I hack everyone but I do not kill the good NPC's and I try not to hit them with city loves me.

-Foxtrot1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It's my main problem with the game, the driving in this game is like GTA crazy. You smash into fences, street lights, creates, bus stops etc so it's a little unfair to punish players if they accidentally hit an NPC.

I beep my horn and those morons still don't get out the way, when they do get ran over it's usually because they've moved into the way of my car. Even if your on the curb a little people freak the hell out and scramble.

I don't see how we should get punished for that.

I understand completely thought on killing NPC's in the street with you guns or killing innocent cops but if your driving, especially on a mission where you pulling out all the stops to complete it I don't think I should have to worry incase I run someone over.

NinjaRichParty1355d ago

Same here. I wish they were more lenient on that. I hate getting docked for because the driving control isn't that tight.

heisenberguk1355d ago

They always run directly behind the car after getting jacked too!

ab5olut10n1355d ago

i've only killed one civilian intentionally, and that was because he was wanted for kiddie porn

mogwaii1355d ago

i kill all the kiddy porn and puppy mill npc's, justice!, lol

NinjaRichParty1355d ago

I killed one guy because he searched rape a lot. Just gave me bad vibes.

bunt-custardly1355d ago

I think Ubi dropped the ball with this feature and should have had more consequence for hacking bad or good NPCs.

NinjaRichParty1355d ago

That actually could have been a pretty cool feature. Maybe we could see it in the inevitable sequel? I'd like to see that for sure!