E3 2014: What to Expect From Sony

Last year, Sony dropped the mic at E3. It couldn't have gone any smoother if they tried. But if they want to retain their crown, they need to pull out of the cocky behaviour that they're slipping into. Will they manage to do that at E3, and trounce Microsoft once more, or will it be an unmitigated disaster devoid of any new games? Talkingship takes a look at what you can expect from their E3 press conference.

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BigShotSmoov0071508d ago

I think they really need to show us what to look forward to this holiday. Other than Driveclub which i'm sure is going to be a good game but I'm not a racing fan so I won't get, they have nothing at all, exclusively that is. I'm sure they have alot coming for 2015 and beyond but what about this year, especially when there is so little to play on the new console.

S2Killinit1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Number wise they have more exclusives than the other consoles. I for one am super hopeful that helldivers will be releasing immidiately after E3. The game is ready to go, they are just waiting to announce the final version at E3. I think a lot of games are in the same boat.

PS: horrible article by the way. The guy is clueless

BigShotSmoov0071507d ago

Well first off they don't have more exclusives that Nintendo so thats not really true. Secondly, as far as Sony and MS goes, yeah they'll have more first party exclusives in the long run but I'm talking about right now for this holiday coming up. They don't have anything to really get me excited for my PS4 other than the multiplatform games. Driveclub isn't a buy for me, I was looking forward to The Order but that is postponed so there's a hole this holiday.