Halo and ASTRO announce their new partnership – New agreement brings branded headsets and more

Are you in the market for a new gaming headset for your Xbox One? Not a huge fan of TurtleBeach or Microsoft’s name-brand options? Well then this is your lucky day!

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ats19921382d ago

Well i definitely know what headset im getting now.

TheRedButterfly1382d ago

Right there with ya! Glad I waited. :)

ats19921382d ago

Yea when Halo 5 comes out i wanna have the best headset on the market i honestly cant wait for that game.

alexkoepp1382d ago

Once games start using DTS Headphone X these headphone makers are gonna be out of business

admiralvic1382d ago

Awesome news! Hopefully they have some cool tags that I can use on my A38's.

Haki11121382d ago

Won a pair of Astros at PAX East with the amp Def best pair of headphones I ever owned.

LAWSON721382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Kind of sounds awesomemat get a pair because my PC and Xbone could both use a new headset