4 Ways Old Handhelds Were Better-Wayback Wednesday

Although there are many things that new handhelds do well, they just can't beat older ones at these four points.

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christian hour1504d ago

I remember buying a gameboy Pocket and thinking i was the coolest kid in school, for years everyone else had their big fat chunky gameboys but me, I had to borrow my brothers, so strolling in to class and taking out that little beast, everyone wanted to watch me play Pokemon in true monchromatic fashion :P

Then less than a year later the gameboy Color was released and everyone got that... ... FU NINTY! Take my brief stint at being the coolest kid away from me will you?! *sigh* dark days :P

grashopper1503d ago

I can't believe it took them so long to get a back lit screen. That was quite a leap.

DualWielding1504d ago

Handhelds are better than ever... why? because now they get real respect by developers (at least Japanese ones)

Prime1571503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

That's how I feel. The difference is that they compete with mobile for some reason. Or, at least, publishers think they compete against mobile (side note, look at mythic closing as ea made them go mainly mobile).

As to battery life, what about hand-helds now having rechargeable batteries vs none back then..

Just seems like a sentimental article, which I get, but better? Disagree.

joeorc1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


100% exactly, the chipsets in the new handhelds are way more robust than what was in the DS and older handhelds. with the 3DS, and the PSVita and now smartphones and tablets, they are running such robust Arm powered chipsets that to be blunt are several order's far and above the older chipsets that what type of games you can make for these its just that much further can be done to create your vision for the game design in question that an older system would not be able to do.

as for the write up

only on battery power, and somewhat on toughness test's would i agree. but to be blunt that really is the only areas that i think in my opinion older hand helds exceed the newer ones due to well the older ones do not need as much battery power to run games and applications except for the PSP- so pretty much every other handheld system from Nintendo had better battery power than Sony's playstation Portable. And as for durability the electronics were stuffed into much more rigid plastic housing's until pretty much the DS line is when the moving part of the top screen with the bottom screen was prone to loose its ability to remain tight in the hinges.

other than that: today the advanced Arm Powered chips in the 3DS , 3DS XL with its Pica 200 GPU and 128 MB of ram and The PSVita with its Quad Core Cortex A9 GPU with 512 MB of system ram and the Quad Core SGX543MP4+ GPU with its dedicated 128 MB of ram for the PSVita's GPU both absolutely stomps any area where you are talking about Software and applications, because unlike the older systems these newer handhelds can even emulate the old system and run that software very well if not even better. the Older systems were much more limited due to what was able to be made than than what it is made now..hell 1st person shooter's for a game type was not really viable until recently for every handheld aside from maybe the PSP on. and its now quite viable with the 3DS and the PSVita.

when an entire game type cannot really be used its not as good is if you can indeed make the experience of play inline with a living room console. example in the game boy advance you did have some 1st person shooters but trying to get a real good experience


- Serious Sam Advance
- 007 nightfire
- Medal of honor-Underground
- Dark Arena

TRY THOSE VS TODAY'S 1ST PERSON SHOOTERS ON A 3DS WITH THE GAME PAD ATTACHEMNT AND THE PSVITA with killzone! its no contest when it comes to gaming, if your platform cannot run an entire genre as well as the new ones than no i would say they are not better.

Donnywho1503d ago

GameBoy Advance SP, AGS-101 model, is the best handheld ever made.

Vegamyster1503d ago

The SP was such a great upgrade over the original, the back light was awesome.

Tiqila1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I agree, because the Advance had backlight and could play gameboy/GBC and Advance games, so all my favorite handheld games back then.

But, in many ways todays handhelds exceed old ones. They have more features, better and bigger screens, online multiplayer, downloadable games, way more powerful hardware and of course analog sticks.

So when nostalgically looking back there will never be a better handheld than the gameboy advance sp, but objectively regarded, the vita and 3DS are best.

Agent_00_Revan1503d ago

Agreed. That clamshell design, the back light, Rechargeable battery, BC with Original GB games. The SP was Perfect for its time, and is still great!

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