Can God Of War “IV” Stick With The Same For-mula As Be-fore?

It’s safe to say that God of War fans are anxious to see what becomes of the next God of War; what happens next, based on the ending events in God of War 3 involving Kratos; who or what dragged him off of that mountain? Did he himself do it? He did also release Pandora’s powers into the spirit world so what becomes of that? Are there now a bunch of spirits running around with god-like powers? What will the plot be in general? He’s not angry anymore right? So what’s his purpose this time?

Aside from in-game plot points gamers are most likely also curious to see how Kratos and the game will look graphically on the next gen console, which may happen at E3, which now seems inevitable based on Sony Santa Monica Studios latest tweet. But how will Sony Santa Monica approach it this time? With the same ole formula?

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fonger081451d ago

They can keep it in the same general setting and game-play... but let go of the Kratos story, it's done. There are literally dozens of different and very interesting Greek mythology storylines they could do and with the PS4s capabilities, I can only imagine the scenic/vivid imaginary that could be achieved.

DaleCooper1451d ago

I think the God of War type of action game is on its way out. The gameplay, while it feels great, is very dated. There's only so much hacking and slashing combos that one can do. I love the series for its story, but by the 3rd game its gameplay had worn out on me.

Games like the Arkham series has shown you can do so much more in the action genre, and even Rocksteady knew this by adding the Batmobile to Arkham Knight, they keep moving forward. I'm trying to figure out what GOW3 did, besides amazing graphics, that really moved the series forward.

So what can Sony do with the next GOW? It's hard to say. The combat could be more refined, but there really should be more variety in the actions that can be taken by the main character when not taking part in combat.

Scholla1451d ago

@Dale I think natural is the word your looking for, it does have a slight oldschool-ish stiffness to it.

Like I said in the article I think they should introduce physics.

trouble_bubble1451d ago

Well, some levels would change right beneath your feet for one. Fighting on the limbs of titans and getting spun around. Arkham Origins didn't add anything, recycled the same dreary snow vibe from arkham city. Lowest rated in the series, if you're not counting the arkham blackgate game. Assassins creed does the batman "press triangle to win" fighting style every year. GOW doesn't really have direct hack n slash competition. That said they still need to make sure they don't become complacent after the formulaic GOW ascension

BitbyDeath1451d ago

GoW has already been tested with Morpheus.
If this received good feedback we may see our first... first person GoW game.

Scholla1451d ago

@Bitby I surely hope not! I HATE FIRST PERSON VIEW, even though it was cleverly done in GOW 3. If it's more of that fine but not a whole game in first person, I think that would be the day I walk away from the franchise.

GarrusVakarian1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Agreed, this is one game (and genre) where a fixed FPS view for the entire game would be a horrible, horrible mistake.

Porcelain_Chicken1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I agree with what you are saying but how else would this work in VR?

Also as much as i'd hate GOW in first-person the thought of literally being in Kratos's body sounds exciting! Can you imagine looking down & seeing Kratos's body where your body once was? Can you imagine a blade of chaos/athena/exile in hand where the Move once was. Can you imagine "cut at will" MGRising style cutting in said game? Can you imagine tying ropes to your Move's and flailing your arms around with wreckless abondon till stuff stops moving (In VR world only, preferably o_o). Having virtual s3x with virtual mythological hookers? All those things sound very appealing do they not?

Realistically, if they can pull it off somewhat like that AND functional. Would you try it?

BitbyDeath1451d ago

I do wonder if we could have 3rd person on screen and 1st person in VR but that does sound like it would consume a lot of power to do so.

Could be wrong though?

mrpsychoticstalker1451d ago

it better, its the ONLY reason why I would buy a ps4.

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