The Daily Five: Games That Need a Strong Showing at E3

"While we love talking about and reporting on games all the time here on Stealthy Box, we can’t argue that a good showing at E3 can sometimes do more for a hot, upcoming game than a thousand news stories. Just look at Sony: no one talks about the press coverage and news reports the media giant had leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 4, but everyone remembers that amazing E3 2013 press conference." - Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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Transporter471414d ago

I want a big surprise from E3 both Agent and Last Guardian showing would just be *mind blown*

showtimefolks1414d ago

agent 25%
The Last Guardian 73.3%

there will be a surprise from R* to ps4 gamers, just wait and see.

MrSec841414d ago

I have a feeling about The Last Guardian making an appearance as a PS4 exclusive.
If Agent did too people would go crazy.

Personally I'm excited to see what some of those trademarks that Sony filed are.

I also think that full on PS4 gameplay for Uncharted will be shown & the game will be announced as a holiday 2014 release, along with a few other AAA retail titles.

incendy351414d ago

Definitely agree on The Order. So far all the previews have made it look boring, they need to show us an intriguing story and some good gameplay.

Uncharted has had its share of bad news with Directors leaving etc but I am not sure we will see very much at e3. I am guessing we will get a teaser trailer.

Destiny I definitely agree with. Bungie needs to wow us. Actually who am I kidding, we all are buying Destiny.

sungin1414d ago

one condition: show the ps4 devkit and not pc behind the stage (graphic) cause everyone get tired from it.

PaleMoonDeath1414d ago

Two games are missing from this list that need it more than the others, the new Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 15 for sure.