Don’t expect that Early Access game to get finished, says Steam’s quietly updated FAQ

Steam has changed the FAQ that explains Early Access to consumers. It now says that not all games will get finished — GamesBeat thinks it knows why.

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Sadie21001502d ago

It's like Kickstarter. The problem is, people are still going to expect it and get mad if it doesn't happen.

ColManischewitz1502d ago

Does this mean that Valve is now OK with ... vaporware? (And no, this isn't a Half-Life 3 joke.)

Pandamobile1502d ago

Vaporware implies that the game will never see the light of day for players.

Early access games are all playable.

Haki11121502d ago

Tell that to the Forest with no saving lol

solar1502d ago

you can buy Early Access. if you want. Valve doesn't force you to do it. it is the consumers decision to buy the product. i have never understood why the option of choice is such a bad thing.

Saryk1502d ago

Because it is understood that once you BUY a game in early access, you will get a finished product. Now that seems not to be the case. That means I can make a POS with a dream promise that I will make good, then take the money and run.

Daniel_Potter1502d ago

War Z used false advertisement. In the end the game got taken down from steam and people that wanted to get a refund got it.

STK0261502d ago

I thought this was always implied. Just like games coming from the big publishers, just because it hits alpha doesn't mean it will be completed and released. Of course, it sucks when you pay for an early access game and its development stops, as you'll never get your money's worth, which is why it's important to make sure the developer has some credibility.

Codewow1502d ago

I think they should change the thumbnail to Infestation: Survival Stories rather than DayZ. >.>

kevinsheeks1502d ago

I agree I don't play dayz yet but doesn't it get updates at-least weekly or something

Codewow1502d ago

Not weekly, probably around monthly unless some big issues come up, like recently.

Daniel_Potter1502d ago

The game sold 2 million copies. And that's all digital. 30$ each. That's 60$ million. 30% of the sales go to Valve. The rest to the publisher. So that makes 42$ million.
I will be damned if they won't finish the game with that kind of money.