Pulp 365's Microsoft E3 2014 Predictions

Earlier this month Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will sell without the Kinect at $399 dollars starting in early June. Microsoft has gotten ahead of the game, and has openly clarified the negative details that would appear likely during this year’s E3 press conference, putting the focus squarely on the games. With E3 2014 right around the corner, here are some of our predictions on what Microsoft will showcase during their press conference on June 9th to kick off the event.

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SideNote1449d ago

Nice article. As an Xbox owner, im really looking forward to what Microsoft will show, already some gems on the horizon.

Dark_matter1449d ago

''Horizon'' *wink* *wink* was that a ''pun intended'' towards forza horizon?

XiSasukeUchiha1449d ago

Xbox Owners look forward to E3 and Beyond!!!!

Dannyh1449d ago

state of decay 2 would be cool

BigShotSmoov0071449d ago

For some reason I'm more excited for the MS press conference than I am Sony's. I have a feelling Sony will have alot of indys for this year and maybe one surprise game for the holiday with alot of games for 2015 and beyond which is nice, but we need more games, more AAA games for the system this year. MS seems to really be gearing up for alot of this this year and next year.

KingOfArcadia1448d ago

Here's my Microsoft E3 prediction:

Microsoft will announce something, and the internet will explode in a seething fanboy hate-fest.

As a bonus, here's my Sony E3 prediction:

Sony will announce something, and the internet will explode in a frothy wave of fanboy nerd-gasms.