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HG: The great outdoors is a lovely place, but the mental picture drawn of it usually leaves out the water, mud, and other squishy bits that make getting around such a messy proposition. You don't have to wander far off the beaten path to get mired in an unexpectedly-moist section of ground. Even the actual beaten path itself is prone to areas where boards have to be laid down, because we live on a very wet planet and it doesn't take much standing water to turn a nice, firm chunk of earth into a deep pit of shoe-destroying ooze. Sometimes the best course of action is to beat the earth into shape with a giant machine of high horsepower and large bouncy tires. Or at least try to, because no matter how tough the vehicle it's always a fair fight.

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ValKilmer1449d ago

I really love how unique this game's concept is. We should support it for being different. Also, for giant trucks.