Rocksmith 2014 DLC 6/3 – Sum 41

This week’s DLC is all about the Canadian Pop-Punk Band, Sum 41!

The pack features two songs brand new to the music game scene We’re All To Blame and The Hell Song. For the more obvious songs fans of Guitar Hero (2005) will definitely remember Fat Lip, if you played LEGO: Rock Band you probably shredded through the short tapping solo of In Too Deep, and to round it all off Still Waiting, which appeared on both Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band 3 as DLC!

Ready to trade licks with Dave “Brown Sound” Baksh and Deryck Whibley? Or maybe you’ll opt for some Bass “Cone” action.

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AronDeppert1506d ago

The lead singer of Sum 41 used to be kinda cute.

toymachinesh1506d ago

Doesn't look too great in the hospital :(

Relientk771506d ago

They should just put the entire All Killer, No Filler album on there, its a punk masterpiece.