E3 2014 predictions: Who will have this year’s best press conference?

E3 is that special time of year where thousands of journalists converge on Los Angeles to watch huge gaming companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, parade their upcoming titles across various convention centre stages in flashy, impressive and very expensive fashion.

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tastas211384d ago

While this is well written, I think you're off base with a number of your predictions.

There's no way Microsoft is going to have a good press conference - it just isn't possible at this point. Sony is going to kill it and no one will even pay attention to Nintendo.

ats19921384d ago

Well we can definitely tell you are a sony fanboy with a comment like that.

ZodTheRipper1384d ago

I agree, comments like these are unnecessary. We just can't know who will have the best and from my point of view it's stupid to even argue about it before the actual event ...E3 lives from it's surprises and it's kinda lame to discuss who will have the best surprises ...just sit back and enjoy the show, there will be something for everyone.

blitz06231384d ago

Funny, the way things are shaping up, MS seems to be the one who will have the best. But Sony hasn't even talked about anything, unlike last year when they kept hyping up E3. I hope they have a lot of tricks in the bag

user14394141384d ago

Sony will be amazing. And I think SEGA will announce a BRAND new console. XoXoXo Nintendo will show us the new Metroid game and Apple will showcase it's brand new GAMING CONSOLE.

blackbeld1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Don't feed the troll.

This e3 will be very exciting. Sony will announce a lot great games. As for Microsoft please don't bring more tv and kinect or they can shake it.

Nintendo may win this e3 Zelda is all they need.

alexkoepp1384d ago

If Halo is shown at E3 it wins. Doesn't matter what else is shown, if Halo is there, it's the only game that will be talked about.

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AngelicIceDiamond1384d ago

"There's no way Microsoft is going to have a good press conference"

Interesting opinion. How so?

AceBlazer131384d ago

That is quite a prediction there... I just hope for a good show from Sony couldn't care less about how Microsoft does.

truefan11384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

As more evidence comes out, the more it's looking like MSFT/XB1 will own E3. Three sony "megatons" have leaked, ps4/vita bundle, tlou remastered, and project beast. Not to mention GG confirmed their new ip won't be showcased. Meanwhile MSFT has repeatedly stated they have a ton of stuff to show and Phil Spencer clarified this show will focus on games I can play in 2014, hence why Halo5 and Quantum Break were announced early.

For months Phil Spencer has put the world on notice XB1 will have a great showing and I think at E3 they will deliver.

fonger081384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

@tastas21 "Microsoft is going to have a good press conference - it just isn't possible at this point, Sony is going to kill it and no one will even pay attention to Nintendo, in my humble fanboy opinion." There, fixed.

Between Sony and Microsoft, if one of the two can release a new AAA title this year, they win E3 for me. Nintendo, I just need to see what direction they are going to take as gaming company, are they going to try to keep a foot in the causal market with another foot in the "core" market or are they going to focus back on making Nintendo a first console... not a secondary choice. Should be pretty dang exciting.

GordonKnight1383d ago

All three companies will have an awesome press conference, but I'm BIAS. As I have all three current gen consoles. So, I'm excited to see what each company has to offer.

The Wii U is my first console (as I like to play classic SNES games before going to sleep) and the X1 was my second console (due to Titanfall), but now that I've got Watch dogs on PS4 it has taken that spot.

Happy gaming!

T2X1384d ago

What I can tell is that we are all going to win next year LOL!

1384d ago
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pat_11_51384d ago

Valid point, but don't count Microsoft out. I've heard some "things" about what they have planned. A lot of people are going to be really surprised.

bleedsoe9mm1384d ago

did you sign a NDA , spill it

1384d ago
Spikes14711384d ago

Please go ahead and tell us where you "heard" these "things" from?

AngelicIceDiamond1384d ago

"Who will have this year’s best press conference?"

You can break that down on so many lvls. An individual gamer can say so and so won E3 because "X", and "Y" game was shown.

Its always been up to in an individual. Or an entire fanbase will always say Xbox Won because of this or Sony won because of that or Nintendo won because of so and so.

Though the media, journalists will judge on who has the most shown games and which games look more appealing.

That's why MS lost E3 of 2010, 11, and 12 (not counting 13 that was a policy war I was talking strictly games.)

Sony showed off better and more appealing games at those E3. While MS just caterd to the lowest common denominator of gamer and released more casual than hardcore games.

I really don't know who could win E3. I mean we know the usual, Halo 5, Uncharted 4, Horizon 2, Drive Club, Super Smash

But other than that this year is more of a mystery than past E3's and that's why I'm excited for it.

AngelicIceDiamond1384d ago

Now If I had to say who needs to win E3 its MS. If MS does pull off a better showing that won't hurt Sony in any way realistically. The worst case scenario is the fact that PS fans will have to wait a little longer for the AAA's.

MS on the other hands needs just an overall positive outlook amongst gamers in general. Show they are consumer friendly, and show they are about the gamers.

Like I said MS winning E3 won't hurt Sony in any real way.

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