PSA For New Owners of Nintendo’s Wii U

Chris Vellucci of SpawnFirst writes, "For everyone that recently purchased a Wii U: Congratulations! .... I’m here to help you get the most of your recent purchase! You may know that you’re getting a free game with the purchase of Mario Kart 8, but follow these simple instructions and you could have so much more".

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randomass1711387d ago

PS Plus is a great service for Sony fans who want the extra value, but Club Nintendo is also a great benefit for anyone who buys Nintendo games. Let's not turn this into a fanboy war. Please?

parentoftheyear1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Sony has this called sony rewards. Free games tv's movies. Tons of items to choose from. There isn't anything wrong with this. I think loyalty programs are fantastic. It's free stuff.

PS. I don't own a wii u. I own a wii, and every game boy ever made. Just waiting a little bit for the wii u. I try really hard not to side. I enjoy my, ps4 for hard core and play my ds wayyyy more than my vita. Extremely excited to join the Nintendo wii u base but just holding off until after e3. Maybe father's day this year, that or a grill. LoL

MNGamer-N1387d ago

PS+ some of the best money I ever spent, got the Black Friday deal for a year for 30 bucks. So worth it. Club Nintendo also worth it, I'm all about free games and gear. Can't go wrong.

Skate-AK1387d ago

Bubble him down for off topic and move along.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1387d ago

Club Nintendo Coins aren't only received by buying Nintendo Products. It anything you download, buy or play on Nintendo systems.

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Mikethejew1387d ago

I rather have a billion dollars, wtf is your point troll.

Mikethejew1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Go back to playing your shitty free indie game of the month

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RAFFwaff1387d ago

I have SO many great collectibles from clubnintendo and recent deals on games has been great.


Yeah, club N is good, and @ the guy who would rather have ps+, it isn't the same thing. Club N is a free to sign up rewards program, you're just getting a little extra for stuff you're already buying (it only costs you the time it takes to fill out some user surveys), ps+ is great, true (just not the same).

Yodagamer1387d ago

Plus if you have the deluxe digital promotion and by both digital they both count towards that, so you can even get a cheaper game as well.

BattleN1387d ago

Have $10 ready to be spent on my eshop, now I'll wait and see if there are more announcements before I buy!

MNGamer-N1387d ago

I try to get free games from Club N. if I can. Otherwise I've gotten a ton of free stuff:

Mario T-shirt, Mushroom tote bag, Colored wii remote wrist straps, Collectable deck of cards, Yoshi cleaning cloth (for my 3DS), Yoshi wii remote box, Majoras Mask CD soundtrack, and a bunch of games. So I'm really happy with the service. They could give you nothing at all.

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