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hobitron1235d ago

I am glad to hear again about Mirror's Edge 2

Mega241235d ago

So exited for Mirror's edge 2! Loved the first one, really liked how they blended comic cutscenes.

DICE PLS, don't mess this one!

egidem1235d ago

Same here. I'm a huge fan of the first one. The only downside to it was it was short.

ZodTheRipper1235d ago

Burnout or GTFO
I'll start to cry if they are making another Need For Speed.

Immorals1235d ago

Not been a burnout game since the 360 launched, so fingers crossed! Still play revenge on occasion

Mega241235d ago


Burnout Paradise wasn't a launch title. Came out in 08 that's 2 years after launch. Burnout Revenge was in the 360 launch window tho.

Immorals1235d ago

@Mega24 yes I know. Paradise was not a burnout game, it was a glorified need for Speed. I liked it, but it was far from what the burnout games were.

DeadlyFire1235d ago

Well EA did say there would be no Need for Speed title in 2014.

Burnout without their creators though. I can see EA fking it up, but hey that's just my opinion on the matter.

Chuk51235d ago

Burnout Paradise sequel and E3 is entirely justified.

akaFullMetal1235d ago

Criterion haven't done a burnout for awhile. Did it not sell that well, or were they moved over to NFS so that they could fix the franchise. Hopefully they will make another burnout.

InTheZoneAC1235d ago

burnout paradise did excellent.

Yi-Long1235d ago

(The excellent) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was pretty much a Burnout game in everything but name.

barb_wire1235d ago

EA moved them over to do the NFS games.

Besides, the founder and most of the talent that made Burnout, have left Criterion over the last couple of years.

sonerone1235d ago

criterion`s new game has already been announced: battlefield

BattleReach1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

lol smart comment

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The story is too old to be commented.