Video: Testers React to The Evil Within - The Scariest Game to Come?

GameDynamo - "Who says testers just want to have fun? Prepare to be entertained by the reactions of these testers playing The Evil Within, a Bethesda Softworks title coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Halloween 2014 (hopefully). It's video game horror and tension in their purest form!"

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Cherchez La Ghost1418d ago

Take notes Capcom. Take notes...

Wni01418d ago

Another 3rd person horror game that offers nothing new to the genre, thrilling!

Clover9041418d ago

Another critical N4G commenter who knows everything an unreleased game has to offer, thrilling!

kodiak404_1418d ago

What if I told you that really good games can be made without reinventing a genre?

Shuyin1418d ago

Prime example: The Last of Us

DarkLord10031418d ago

They don't look that scared tbh

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