$559 PS4 + BL2 Vita bundle coming to NA Best Buy next week

US Best Buy stores will be getting a PS4 + PS Vita system bundle for $559 next week. This bundle will include the Vita slim Borderlands 2 SKU with an 8GB memory card.

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UltimateMaster1230d ago

10$ less?
Make it even to 549$.

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mrbojingles1232d ago

Great deal, if I didn't have a PS4 i'd get it

Neonridr1232d ago

good deal to save $50 off the price of the Vita.

NatureOfLogic_1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Xbox+kinect: $500

PS4+Vita: $559

Very big deal. I might be getting my second PS4 sooner than I expected. Also, if you add a game to the current $500 Xbox One, you could get a more powerful console and a handheld gaming device for the same price.

truefan11232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I personally think XB1+kinect+free game+Use Smart Glass with existing laptop/phone at $500 is a better deal than the $560 bundle as none of the portable playstation devices have ever had good software.

WeAreLegion1232d ago

So, it's safe to say you've never owned a portable PlayStation device?

KwietStorm1232d ago

Just keep on trying. You're making someone proud somewhere.

JoGam1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

No bubbles left. DAMN. Well you went out fighting.

I wonder if trolls with one bubble sit and think of the ultimate thing to say before they comment and use their only bubble.

choujij1232d ago


Some trolls, maybe. But the special ones like truefan1, go from site to site trolling and can't be bothered to put great thought into their comments.

I'm almost amazed they even have time for gaming.

redknight801231d ago

how dare you make fun of don't even don't even know the pain and agony they go through on each article only knowing they have one shot in the spot light. Gain some perspective, mate :P :P hahah

its_JEFF1231d ago

hahaha... @TrueFan1 that is actually a hilarious post... you list "Use Smart Glass" as a "+" I really appreciate your "loyalty", but damn you're grasping.

kowan1231d ago

That is just wrong. lol

RadRod1211231d ago

For $559, you get Ps4+vita/thinner/better battery life+Boarderlands 2, and extra D content, mem card, REMOTE PLAY any ps4 game from any wifi spot! and also you can Dload a ps4 app on a cellphone and access just like glass. I think there pushing the vita because of playstation now and the fact you have the whole ps4 library to stream to thats where the software will come in play..

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Vegamyster1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Xbox Kinect: $500
Xbox Without Kinect: $400

PS4: $400 ($450 here in Canada)
PS4: with Camera $450 ($500 CA)
PS4 Vita: $559
PS4 + Camera + Vita: $609

Keep in mind PS Vita 32 GB proprietary memory cards are $70-$75 if you can't find them on sale.

A fairer comparison.

Lawboy21232d ago

A lot of ppl don't know this...because I didn't know that when I got my vita...u have to buy a memory card to play any game on the vita...and the memory cards are 16 gb is 39.99

Baccra171231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Not really, you can just trade some maple syrup in to the lower the price. We can't do that in America. So really:

Xbox Kinect: $500
Xbox Without Kinect: $400

PS4: $450 ($399.99 with Maple Syrup Trade In)
PS4: with Camera $500($450 MSTI)
PS4 Vita: $500 (MSTI)
PS4 + Camera + Vita: $509 (MSTI)

Now it is a fairer comparison.

SoapShoes1231d ago

You don't need a card with the slim Vita... It comes with 1gb internal memory.

Vegamyster1231d ago


Depends on what games you plan on playing, Killzone Mercenary for example needs a patch that's bigger then 1GB.

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