2014 Releases are Dying: Can E3 Save the Year?

Hardcore Gamer: With so many games being pushed to 2015, this year remains a shell of its promised self. But can E3 2014 be the bountiful oasis that this next-gen dry period needs?

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ValKilmer1355d ago

E3 will probably just announce a bunch of games coming out in 2015. With the disappointments that were Watch Dogs and Titanfall, this year might go down as the worst year in gaming.

Charybdis1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Thought both were good games and great new ip's, though definitly overhyped. Shame that watchdog got delayed but probably for the better even if sony had to cancel the ps4/watchdog bundles. Titanfall felt a bit rushed but still a good game, maybe we will see titanfall making a return on e3 on an other gaming platform(s).

thorstein1355d ago

Not only were they good games, Ubisoft set a sales record with Watch Dogs.

"2014 Releases are Dying?" Clickbait. How can record sales be "dying."

Research would be nice.

Ghost_Nappa1355d ago

Titanfall is a lifetime exclusive for xbox consoles

ShinMaster1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

@ ValKilmer

I agree. I don't think most of the games announced at E3 will come out before 2015 unfortunately.
Unless it's a game we already knew about, but even games like Batman:AK have been delayed as well and that was one I was really looking forward to.
I think we still have DriveClub, Alien: Isolation, UFC, Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age coming out this year, although most will come out late this year so it seems like it's going to be a dry summer :/

@ Charydbdis

Titanfall lacked the longevity and progression of other FPS games and even COD. For an online-only game that asks full price($60) it should have been more packed and feature complete.

@ Ghost_Nappa


UnHoly_One1355d ago

Disappointment to you, maybe.

Those are two of the best games I've played in a long time.

bienio1355d ago

Watch Dogs is amazing game, last time I was enjoy like that playing Max Payne 3 so yeahh for me for at the moment Watch Dogs is GOTY so far..;)

Necro_5591355d ago

BS. TitanFall is the best shooter created in the last long time. Its way better then COD.

AngelicIceDiamond1355d ago

Looks like the ones that are disagreeing never played TF.

The game is way more fun than COD but at the same time COD beats out TF because of the simple fact of content.

TF lacks overall content to warrant long lasting replay ability. No new Titans, guns, challenges, abilities, perks, new modes all that is lacking.

While COD has I guess has more to offer with thelikes of Zombies but COD has always been content rich though.

That's do to the fact Respawn is a small studio and growing in man power. The Titan Fall Ip is big despite TF 1 being kinda small.

The legs aren't long enough on TF but imagine TF 2 to be 5X as great and equal the amount of content that COD has. The game is already more fun than COD though.

Swiggins1355d ago

Titanfall was exactly what I figured it would be, a solid introduction to a new IP.

Angel is right when she says that Titanfall is lacking in content compared to CoD and Battlefield, but both of those franchises started off rather bare bones as well. Content comes with honing the product, I expect Titanfall 2 will likely blow a lot of people out of the water.

Just compare CoD 1 or 2 to CoD 4...CoD 4 blows the previous entries in the franchise right out of the water where content is concerned, and I'd wager that the series has only added content with each entry since, now it might not be as "good" of content but that's another story, the fact is, it's there.

InTheLab1355d ago

Titanfall isn't even the best shooter this year. That would be Wolfenstein. And those of us that have played Titanfall have most likely moved on. The game was fun for a week or two and now it's not.

The people that are calling it the best shooter are all casuals who have played nothing but CoD and Titanfall. It's an adequate shooter with very little to offer after a few weeks.

ginsunuva1355d ago

Everything is better than COD; what's your point?

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truefan11355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Well it sounds like XB1 fans are getting Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 2, and Below. Not to mention Phil Spencer said E3 would focus on announced and unannounced games you can play in 2014, hence why Quantum Break and Halo 5 were announce early.

Speak for yourself, MSFT is bringing the GAMES!!!

Palitera1355d ago

I liked both. Not groundbreaking, but solid 8-9 games.

About the releases, yes, it will announce several 2015 games which will be "delayed" to 2016.

colonel1791355d ago

This comes to show that neither Sony nor Microsoft were ready to launch last year. Also Nintendo wasn't ready to launch in 2012.

This generation started very sloppy, but next year will be much better.

ifistbrowni1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

i dont get why people say this. "But, It has no Gamezzz."

Well, if that's the case, name a few AAA games that are "last-gen" exclusives. If ps4 and xb1 weren't out right now, what would you be playing on 360/ps3 (Dark Souls 2, NHL 14 and South Park are the only ones i can think of that are last-gen exclusive)?

It's not like the 2014 delays haven't effected the 360/ps3 releases (the games that have been delayed are delayed for both next/last generation). So, if you only had 360 and ps3 right now, you would be going through some serious gaming droughts. I have every system (ps4, vita, xb1, ps3 and 360//nintendo has nothing to offer me) and some weeks i feel like there's nothing to play. I would hate to imagine what it would be like only having the 360/ps3/vita.

Idk about you guys, but i'm happy to be playing the superior (console) builds of games like Watch_Dogs, ACIV, and other 3rd party multi-gen games while at the same time dipping into exclusives like Infamous and Dead Rising 3.

A simple solution for those that are disappointed in their 2014 consoles: Sell them, forget they exist, and re-purchase them in 2015. While you do that, i'll be enjoying all the games that DO manage to release in 2014 on XB1 and ps4.

3-4-51355d ago

Makes Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Brothers look all that much better then.

Swiggins1355d ago

Let's be honest, Smash Bro's was ALWAYS going to look better. It's ****ing Smash Bros....

CJDUNCAN1355d ago

Those games weren't disappointments to me. All of these delays though is making the next-gen launches seem like a waste of time though.

Scatpants1355d ago

and then those game will actually come out early 2016

DC7771355d ago

I totally agree with ValKilmer. I think all we will see from the big 2 is footage of games for 2015 unfortunately.

Not the end of the world though. The year is half over and a LOT has been delayed but the usual suspects are still going to dominate the fall.

Jaqen_Hghar1355d ago

imagine a COD or sports game delay...

A man guesses it pays off to copy paste if you avoid these issues.

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iamnsuperman1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

E3 is going to be the same we get year after year. Random, fancy looking trailers for games coming out well into the future when they could have released them 6 months before release. I feel this is going to be a poor E3. People will be debating who "won" saying X showed more cool trailers than Y but in the end no-one will "win". We will just see games releasing E3 2015 and beyond. I would rather see what's coming out before then (even if it isn't as exciting as seeing the fancy trailers)

0P-Tigrex1355d ago

If The Last Guardian isn't mentioned..the game will be lost forever

Charybdis1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Sony has some great potential titels which could make a comeback or may be lost such as wardevil, heavenly sword 2, eight days and agent

starchild1355d ago

Don't tell me that. I will be heartbroken if The Last Guardian is lost forever.

STK0261355d ago

Well hopefully they announce a fair share of games to be released this year, and at least have some of them launch before October/November. All three consoles have little to offer until September, when Destiny comes out. We can only hope The Last of Us remastered edition and Sunset Overdrive launch early in the Summer, otherwise there simply won't be much to play for a while.

Thankfully though, the handhelds have some sweet games coming out.

BillytheBarbarian1355d ago

If 2k football comes back in some type of form, generic, NCAA, or NFL it would be the best e3 since 2007. If Shenmue get's some kind of news like HD remakes or glimmer of hope for part 3 it could be huge. If its going to be more shooters and Nintendo characters well it will be just like the past decade. Bad or good depends on your personal taste.

ValKilmer1355d ago

Is there really a chance of 2K Football coming back?

Nolando1355d ago

probably not, the dev team that worked on the glorious 2k5 prob are not together anymore.

Akuma2K1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I still believe 2k is coming back, you don't scan football players for the eco-motion technology for nothing etc....there's a reason why 2K has been so quiet about 2K football, they know the demand for the series to return is gigantic and they know just announcing the return of 2K football at E3 will sell millions of copies by itself.

It doesn't matter if the old 2k5 developers aren't there anymore, if NFL2K15 looks anything like NBA2K14 that's a win win right there and also knowing the gameplay will already be there is just icing on the cake.

Nolando1355d ago


where did you hear that they were scanning football players?

Also I agree I think 2K will come back or another franchise might be announced at E3.

The money to be made in the NFL market I think is too much to be ignored, someone has to make another football game in the next year or so.

Nolando1355d ago

I will sh#t bricks if NFL 2K gets announced... :P

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