Far Cry 4's DLC will Add an Hour of Mission

Players United Nations agency pre-order Far Cry 4 can receive the edition, a free upgrade that grants another hour of mission content and a novel weapon, per Ubisoft’s blog.

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Galletto31328d ago

I am skeptical. An hour of actual unique missions, or an hour of the same padded fetch/collectible quests that Ubisoft loves to do.

That Harpoon gun does look BA though

Yi-Long1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I was already skeptical when they announced the 30$ season-pass, which pretty much means if you want the complete game, you'll be paying something like at least 80-90 bucks.

I'm in Holland, so that price for us would be in euros instead of dollars. Youd be talking about a game that would cost over a 100 dollars (80-90 euro).

As always, the DLC simply means I won't be buying this game at launch for full price. Not a chance in hell. I'll wait a year orso for a (cheaper) 'complete' release.


I think it's ridiculous that now season passes are getting to the same price point as full on game or at least a the cost of a preowned game.

For me though, it's getting easier and easier to simply say no to all these adons etc. I will just play a game and whatever is on the disc and the money that could have gone on a season pass I will use towards a whole new game.

Most of the extra content is just stuff to burn time and adds nothing really necessary or enhancing to the game experience overall.. it's all just padding to get extra £££

iistuii1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I can't believe we as gamers are allowing this to continue. If everyone stuck together (never gonna happen) & refused to buy this rip off, they'd stop it. It's a level they've made, taken out the game to sell seperate, it's just a joke. They're not the only ones obviously, but it's just so annoying that every game released is having bits taken out & sold as extras.
I'm all for games adding mission DLC's months after to keep them fresh, that's different than selling a game just released with bits missing.
I got WD's on PS4 with an extra 60 mins of game. IMO the folks with Xbox Ones's should say hey we need to pay less for our version, it's not the full game..

Darth_Yoda1328d ago

Yupp agree on that but that will only change (at least i hope)
If something really bad happens.

Imagine the Batman: Jokers Revenge game in 2016 is missing 70% in the "full" game and to get the rest u need to pre-order, exclusive edition, dlc. That's where we start to go full Chuck Norris on the guys responsible for that.

That's the way we humans work,
react when it's to late.

clmstr1328d ago

It's sad that people disagree with you. This pretty much describes current state of the gaming industry. Companies announce DLC months before the base game is released and people are still gullible enough to support this business model. I'm not saying "don't release DLC at all, I hate it", I'm saying that DLC (as iistuii mentioned) should keep a game fresh for a long period of time and it should be announced and released only several months after a base game.

ginsunuva1328d ago

ANYONE who preorders ANY game needs to have their brains checked.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1328d ago

It's official, I know more about the Far Cry 4 dlc than the main game itself. This should never be the case.

game_infected1328d ago

And funny is they didn't show anything from game

mt1328d ago

how come they talk about DLC about a game that hasn't been released yet. I hate this generation. it should be after releasing the game, the work on DLC should be planed and started.

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The story is too old to be commented.