PS4 and Xbox One successors expected to come more quickly by AMD

XMNR: The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 had unusually long life-cycles of seven and eight years before the launch of their successors, the Xbox One and PS4. AMD hardware provides the processing and graphical powerful for both new machines along with Nintendo’s Wii U. Devinder Kumar, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AMD, said in a conference discussion Tuesday that he expects the time to the next-generation of consoles will be shorter.

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badboyz091357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Why are we discusing this so soon? It's only been 6months. let's just focus on E3.

Queasy1357d ago

Heh, yeah it probably is too soon but the question was posed to Kumar during a technology conference. I thought it also aligned neatly with the debate over whether there is even going to be a next generation of consoles.

alexkoepp1357d ago

I think its fantastic, every 5 years give us some new hardware.

UltraNova1357d ago

I sure do miss the good old days when they developed consoles with upgrade addons in mind...

oof461357d ago

@UltraNova: You mean those add ons that no one bought?

AndrewLB1357d ago

oof46- Just about everyone who bought a TurboGrafx-16 dropped hundreds more on the CD-Rom add-on because not only was it the first ever for a console, but the games were unmatched by any of the competition. Unfortunately NEC made some horrible business decisions, shoddy marketing, and didn't localize many of the best games for the english market.

UltraNova1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )


Yes exactly those, do you know why? Because most of them were shit and Sony wasn't even in the console race.

If they were to design an addon today I have absolutely no doubt that it would be worthwhile.

I mean whats more cost efficient developing a whole new console from scratch and the whole marketing that follows or just release an addon on your existing platform to boost performance across the board with a fraction of the cost?

Furthermore, AndrewLB provided a pretty good rundown of what happened in the addon biz in the 90s, I should know I bought into it back then...

UltimateMaster1357d ago

Well, Microsoft hated the fact they were losing the 6th gen console race and killed the original Xbox within 4 years.

I wouldn't be surprise if this Xbox One doesn't suffer the same fate. A new Xbox in 4 years.

MetaReapre1357d ago

@alexkeopp I don't want to have to buy a new console every 5... No I believe they should just make customizable consoles. Similar to what ultranova is going on about. Imagine if you could just buy an upgrade for your console? Yea that's just like a pc but if the consoles first come out powerful then in like 5 years instead of a brand new console, they come out with an upgrade to make it even more powerful.

UltraNova1357d ago

PS3/PS4 have removable HDDs, why not removable motherboards? Just the part with the APU and since I m no PC tech geek anyone who cares to advice if this is even possible please dont be shy..

Wintersun6161357d ago


That would destroy one of the most important strengths of a gaming console; their hardware uniformity. It's what allows console games to be programmed so effectively. If you want to upgrade your hardware, you should buy a PC.

UltimateMaster1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Some people have been upgrading the RAM on their PS3 to make games load faster.

Kidmyst1357d ago

UltraNova I still got my Sega CD connected to the Genesis. Never got the 32X add on though.

redwin1357d ago

The key to this article is, AMD and backward comparability . I have both systems and believe me, the ps4 feels too flimsy and the One is underpoter. The next gen will be here in 4 years with the next Nintendo

MetaReapre1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

It would destroy nothing. You would rather go out and buy a brand new system for 400 to 500 dollars that won't have backwards compatability than have a console that will annihilate compatability issues, be cheaper in the long run, and can still be as user friendly that consoles have over pc? The only thing right now that consoles have over pc is the lack of issues that can happen to it via use. Any computer that is designed to play games (meaning have any graphics card) can play any game made for any pc, there are no generation differences unless you count OSs and even then they are backwards compatible. Even if they can only play on the lowest graphical option. It doesn't take a genius to see that if you are just able to switch out the gpu in a console and/or the ram that's all that would be needed to upgrade the console, it would be like getting a new console only not getting a whole new box for it.

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Mikelarry1357d ago

i feel we gamers should be having this discussion 5-6 years from now, but the console makers should obviously be the ones having this discussion right now.

LordDhampire1357d ago

In 4 years from now we should have a new console, did you not even read the article, also due to the low clock speed of the cpu this generation won't last as long as the others

fr0sty1357d ago

The CPUs are clocked low due to the GPU (especially in PS4's case) being able to help out with GPGPU tasks. It isn't as big of a deal as many are making it out to be. Both GPU and CPU function essentially as one in these consoles.

I'd say 4-5 years we'll hear about a new console, depending on the economy.

BadlyPackedKeebab1357d ago

Given that the masses are now more atuned with keeping up to date. And a potential continuation of pc architecture its quite possible we will see new systems on a more timley basis. If ps5 is just a ps4 with more CPU cores or a higher clock speed along with more ram and a better gpu .. It will be very easy to transition. I could see new systems out every 3 years with games always cross gen. If they are selling the systems at a profit or break evens now it would make sense to do that to drive interest in the market.

Mikelarry1357d ago

what AMD "expects" is not a confirmation from sony or microsoft that the new consoles will be released in 4 years. and how did you get that i didn't read the article when my comment is generalising on the topic

Volkama1357d ago

Badlypackedkeebab I am not expecting consoles so frequently as that, but I do agree we're likely to see a very different transition into the new consoles with a lot of games being compatible with both systems. 1 disc (or download) that plays on both, with the new gen console pushing higher settings.

Ju1357d ago

I just don't believe the console business doesn't work that way. Right now there was a huge demand for a new machine - because the last gen really got outdated. However, the next gen has to be exponentially more powerful to justify another purchase. Otherwise we will have this "face offs" to convince us, these games are actually different and/or they must be doing something fundamental different what"s not possible with the HW we got. This will be challenging. These machines must sell in the millions. If they can't the whole eco system is in danger to collapse. We had a crash before. Caused by over saturating the market with cheap products. Something which could happen again.

DeadlyFire1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I disagree with the 4 years thing. 2017 would be to early I believe, but hey its happened before XBOX 1 lasted 4 years. What many people forget is that Sony/Microsoft had plans for 2010 to begin this generation though. Maybe the hardware begings moving towards its final designs in 2017, but we may not see them launch until 2018-2020. Maybe one or two consoles might feel the move to jump early before the other one with a 2017 launch. I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo do that. As it would be 5 years for their console in 2017.

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Godmars2901357d ago

Someone just wants money.

kneon1357d ago

Their profit margin probably won't increase much with a new generation. In fact it would likely be better for them if the generation lasted longer as they will make more money as the R&D will have been covered.

But I expect this generation to be shorter than normal, and I've been saying this since they announced they had gone x86. From now on it's easy to release a new console that is backwards compatible, just add more and faster CPU and a more powerful GPU.

It will be similar to PC development in that there will be multiple target configurations, but there will only be 2 per platform instead of thousands of possible configurations.

starchild1357d ago

Yeah, I don't want the generation to go on for 7 years necessarily, but I definitely want to have at least 5 years with my PS4 before the PS5 comes out.

Xof1357d ago

At least, considering consoles these days take a good two years to be worth it in the first place.

3-4-51357d ago

This gen was always an in-between gen, but the big 3 couldn't ever announce that, as people might take it negatively.

* Last gen was AT LEAST, a year too long and everybody in the industry knows it. They milked it for all it was worth.

* Nintendo will announce their new Console at E3 2016 and release it in 2017, with Sony following in 2018.

Dynasty20211357d ago

Because the new consoles are very underwhelming, and fanboys don't want to admit it.

DDR4 is barely months away for example, and the consoles won't be using it at all. So all the advantages DDR4 can bring won't be used AT ALL in games, because devs only build engines for crappy console hardware.

user56695101356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

they will never admit it. a lot of new tech is coming out in 2015-16 that will leave consoles in a stand still. consoles were already outdated before they even launched and that was a first.

these consoles are good but nothing special. one thing you can expect console only games to not do and that is to admit there console is not godly.

i also think AMD said this because in the back of their mind they know these console is not impressive compare to whats out and what they have in the works.

i picture this gen last 4-5yrs. i doubt they will have BC when they do release. they making a killing on remastered games, and next gen ports. they know dumb people will eat up what they say so why would they. ex look at no more free mp. the slid it in the e3 conference, no body said nothing. its now ok to pay for your IP and pay for you game at $60 then be locked out if you dont pay the console makers for mp.

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Phatty1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I am more interested to see what Nintendo will do next honestly... It's the same thing over and over from Sony and Micro. I do love Sony's games however.

Phatty1357d ago

Good point, but I meant more from a console standpoint.

Qrphe1357d ago

We know almost for sure it'll use the same architecture of whatever their next handheld is.

BitbyDeath1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Nintendo are said to have a new console coming out next year so you shouldn't have too long to wait.

XiSasukeUchiha1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Cool so a 6 year life cycle.

XiNarutoUzumaki1357d ago

I predict this gen will last 5 years.

Nanux1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

5-6 sounds about right. Unless they somehow will make lag free 4k game streaming or cloud will do more stuff in background:)

GodGinrai1357d ago

6 years is the sweet spot I think. Good to know AMD will be doing both again. this should make backwards compatibility an easy prospect.

colonel1791357d ago

Last generation lasted longer because there was more money involved in the production of the consoles as well as the games.

In the PS2 era and before, games were less expensive to make and had shorter development times. I don't think this generation is going to last 5 years because of that.

Just look at how many games have been delayed and announced for 2015. Games take longer, so if a generation last 5 years, we would have much less games released overall, and I don't think it's a good investment for them.

iamnsuperman1357d ago

I feel it will be longer. Microsoft have already come out and said their console was built to last (though that could have been a PR move to reassure their new system didn't have the same problem the 360 had) but I think the reason it will be longer is because of profitability.

These companies are clearly making more of their systems than they used to (Sony has recently said they are making money of their system). They know they can make a generation last a long time so why not increase the profit. I don't think there would be much to convince them to make a short life cycle

Eldyraen1357d ago

I expect the consoles to have longer life cycles but new systems to come out a little sooner than last time as well.

Consoles of today are strong enough where I don't think there will be a huge need for too early of a change but come 5-6 years down the road and there will be a large enough audience hoping for something new again just like last gen. The early adoption levels of this gen may help as could prove the market was tired of the longer wait (or more likely the ps2/3 and Xbox/360 generation of kids are now grown and don't have to wait for parents to pick them up so market has simply grown larger).

2020 seems latest they would wait IMO as one it is a nice round number (not big deal but could look good for marketing) but think we may see at least one sooner as that also marks another 7 years, and for true enthusiasts/graphics hounds the new generation of gfx cards are supposed to release this year and are supposed to be a big step from last gen chipsets which already outdistance consoles by a more than fair margin.

It may not directly compete with consoles but by 2020 (well before 10 year plan) these consoles will really begin to show their age. I can realistically see waiting till then but not later.

All of this is moot though as truth be told I love these consoles and it is way too early for anyone but maybe MS/Sony/Nintendo R&D to even think about worrying about these things. It is better to start early but no rush as rather they look into things for this gen than next for a while.

grassyknoll1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It's going to be depend on the market & adoption. PS3 & Xbox 360 had such a long cycle because of lack of profitability for such a long period of time, not because of it. MS & Sony can adapt to market contraction without worrying about the investment they've already made. If anything, if Xbox One doesn't sell at MS's expectations over the next 2/3 years, expect them to release a successor way before Sony (possibly 4/5 years at their current trajectory).

Copen1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

The simple fact you're quoting MS saying it was built as a 10 year console tells me you obviously drank the Kool aid. The X1 is at a real power disadvantage and almost a 2-1 sales disadvantage and the gap is widening. There is absolutely no way the X1 will be out 10 years without a successor unless MS investors follow through and kill the xbox outright.If and the question is a legitimate IF MS does create another console they will do like they did with the xbox 360 and launch FIRST. They will not go head to head with Sony again and give up a year of being on the market first.

incendy351357d ago

Now that they are x86 based, I don't see why they can't just sell models with newer specs. Developers already deal with multiple SKU's on PC's. Why not on consoles too.

ziggurcat1357d ago

that's crazy enough to work.

thereapersson1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

its a console, not a PC. The whole draw of consoles is that they are unified hardware and developers can code to the metal with them. There's no variable hardware configurations to worry about, no driver conflicts, no GPU bias (see: PC version of watch dogs), etc... You get the point. the reason people buy consoles at the plug and play without having to worry about different tiers of hardware. I see what you're saying, but you're kind of missing the point here.

DevilOgreFish1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

thereapersson - "its a console, not a PC. The whole draw of consoles is that they are unified hardware and developers can code to the metal with them......"

PC gaming has gotten much better over time. Both DX12 and mantle aim to simplify all the variations of PCs out there. hardware will still have an impact but the support will be there to take advantage of.

snookiegamer1357d ago

@incendy35 "Intelligent"

I like that. I like that idea a lot :)

LordDhampire1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Because that what makes a console a console, if you take away unified specs development time gets longer to optimize games to each box and you make consoles irrelevant you might as well just have a pc, pcs sont have different tiers, they just have unlocked graphical options and hope for the best with terrible optimization knowing that if there game doesn't run that great a year the new graphics card should be find.

uth111357d ago

yes optimization in the PC world = just throw more hardware at it!

Qrphe1357d ago

Frequent console releases is what killed Sega, I hope we get the regular 5-yr-old lifespan.

incendy351357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

They would still have known specs just they would vary. Honestly there is very little difference left between PC and Consoles from a user perspective. The differences are from a development perspective and trust me, they would love this. We aren't talking about going from AMD to NVidia, we are talking about making the existing hardware faster. They would get better games without doing anything. A faster CPU would just mean their code runs faster. A faster GPU would just mean their graphics code runs faster. A faster BUS with SATAIII and SSD means their Assets get to the memory faster.

There is nothing really negative about it, except that we would have to upgrade if we wanted the fastest version.

uth111357d ago

because it will lead to hardware fragmentation like in the PC world and eliminate one of the advantages of owning a console

elninels1357d ago

Don't worry, steamboxes are coming soon enough. Thats basically what we're talking about at this point.

The big difference(i think) would be the all amd hardware of consoles versus the varying companies making the pc hardware.

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