We will have a digital only future

The writer at says "I own a few hundred video games on various forms of disc or cartridge. I have a great collection, spanning over 20 different consoles. Most games are in good to great condition and some, that are over a decade old, are still in their original factory seal. This seemingly boastful introduction is actually there to accentuate a point. I, like many others, still want hard copies of the games I buy. There are obvious reasons for consumer benefit of physical games. The fact that most console games hold an intrinsic resale value helps make the pricey digital version of the same game seem daft. Lots of us still get a small buzz when buying new games. To me, that feeling is lessened when I download stuff to play. It almost pains me to say this, as times moving on, I feel my stance against digital games may be weakening."

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kalkano1446d ago

A digital future will only be possible with the death of DRM.

UltimateMaster1445d ago

And digital purchases off the XB Marketplace or PS Store don't have DRM?

UltimateMaster1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Nope, a disc-less future won't never happen any time soon.
It might be the case for smaller media such as music.

kalkano1445d ago

Your post confuses me. I feel like you're trying to disagree with me, but you're actually agreeing with me...then, you started talking to yourself. ;)

To be clear, I'm saying the only way digital will become a viable future for gaming, is if they do away with DRM.

gravelchalice1446d ago

I agree with your assessment of DRM, but the issue we have is when the industry slowly makes digital more and more accepted. At the start of the seventh gen (PS3, 360, Wii) the idea of paying for digital content irritated me. Only a few short years later and I have lots of payed for digital content.
Eventually they wear away at our concerns like a constant water drop on a stone. When those must have titles appeal to us and have DRM included it puts off less and less people each time it happens. I personally know people who have pretty much given up on modern gaming because of many reasons, DRM being high up that list. They've chosen to stay in earlier console generations. I can see the appeal in that, there are enough quality games that already exist to last a lifetime. I just know that there are certain titles I couldn't be without.

gravelchalice1444d ago

I know it will take time to settle into this but I'm certain it is what the future holds. I can't claim to be happy about it but I know my tangible music and movie collection have suffered from digital distribution being the norm for them now.