GG: With KZ:SF "We Did The Best In The Time We Had";Player Numbers Are Low;Retro Maps Incoming

Guerrilla Games talks with honesty about Killzone: Shadow Fall, from the absence of Move and 3D to the low player numbers in multiplayer. There's some good news, though: "retro" maps are coming!

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Festano1326d ago

I've never had a problem finding games online, let's see how will be the next expansion.

Shadonic1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

yea, i didnt enjoy it as much as everyone else but the matchmaking was freaking perfect, smooth and no errors, occasional hiccup due to low player count though. Hopefully they'll get it next time, the MP just honestly to me seemed like it was too slow compared to how hectic the combat was and the way it felt as well. Everything just felt out of place and awkward to me. Its a shame because considering how gloriously awesome the combat could be with a bit more of a tightness bump on the movement and speed. I know its not a twitch shooter comment but seriously what is this game trying to be in a mp sense, I honestly felt as though it was slower than Halo before they added running and stuff.

InTheZoneAC1326d ago

This game has always been slower than Halo...

Characters having weight and no noob aim assist deterred a lot of posers

It's strange how I played a little when I got it on launch, but I find myself playing it a lot now whenever I turn the ps4 on, even when I have watchdogs.

I just get so frustrated with the aim assist/lag in BF4, hop on KZ and everything is so perfectly smooth and I don't have to worry about someone's game automatically centering me on their screen. I can actually die without complaining over some bs reason why I died

KZ is a fair game and more should be like that. Why do developers even waste time implementing aim assist? Let alone not making it a server based option so you can rule it out when you create your own server?

Alexious1326d ago

The game has always been built on the sense of actually being in a heavy armored soldier, as opposed to other games which let you fly around the battlefield.

Soldiers are supposed to carry 20/30 kg of equipment on them. I like their choice.

incredibleMULK1326d ago

give me blood gracht from kz2 and salamun market from kz2! Radec academy too.

fOrlOnhOpe571326d ago

Good choices, especially Blood Gracht. I would add in Beach head and Southern Hills to that list. Looked great on PS3 so PS4 versions would be tasty!

Imp0ssibl31326d ago

It seems like multiplayer console games which aren't Call of Duty or Battlefield only last for a few months tops before they slowly become a ghost town.

0P-Tigrex1326d ago

There's at least 1k people playing during the day, 500 during the night. That's still a full game. You'll just be playing with the same people alot more.

Adding on the the game is crucial. While more people by the Ps4, they might even buy KillzoneSF. If the game keeps getting more content it will attract more players.

Rogert1326d ago

It is not going to sell that much more. Retaining only 1,500 people out of the two million plus that the game sold isn't great at all

Pandamobile1326d ago

1000 concurrent users for a game that released less than a year ago indicates that this game is on death's door.

To put that in perspective, if KZ:SF was on Steam, it wouldn't even be in the top 50 active games.

TekoIie1326d ago


Well you can basically expect that to die within 6 months unless Sony do something with Playstation Plus.

LonDonE1326d ago

What they should do is make Killzone shadowfall multi player free with all map packs etc on playstation plus! that would be a great way to add new players to the player count.

I just didnt enjoy the game, the single player or multi player while pretty were just not where near as good as killzone 2 and 3.

Ninjatogo1326d ago

You should also note the player count is just for your region. From what I've read on their site they've got multiple server centres per region too.

KingKelloggTheWH1326d ago

Your numbers are not accurate, they do the numbers by server and whatnot. So in all reality it could be upward of 15k.

Alexious1326d ago

What's so strange is that the game, in fact, sold a lot. It's like a lot of players either returned the game, or never play MP, or a bit of both.

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SixtyNine1326d ago

This is probably the reason some devs don't include competitive multiplayer in their games. Majority will return to the most popular online games eventually

B_Real1326d ago

This is why multiplayer achievements/trophies shouldn't exist unless its a multiplayer only game. It's almost impossible to get games set up a year after a mid-tier game comes out.

koolaid2511326d ago

Killzone and Knack are like the 2 most traded in games on next gen.

king_george1326d ago

I really wanna call you a liar.... but i cant :(

I've seen the games traded in quite a few times its such a shame. Not so much Knack (lets be honest, it wasnt that great), but KZ:SF. I wish GG had more time to polish the game even more and make multiplayer alot better than it already is

shivvy241326d ago

Not sure about knack but ive seen alot of kzsf sitting on the preowned shelf at eb

Eyeco1326d ago

Lool at the disagrees, talk about a tough pill to swallow, I haven't seen to many Knack copies in the preowned circuit, but plenty of Killzone's on the shelf.

koolaid2511321d ago

True I have a ps4 and I came from the xbox 360 but everytime I say something negative about ps4 i get bubbles and dislikes smh.

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Lawboy21326d ago

Ppl still play gears 3 and halo

Multiplatguy1326d ago

I disagree. I was a big fan of Halo Wars and it couldn't have been a full year ago that it still had 10k on it most nights. Although being one of the only good RTS games on console might have helped keep a userbase.

user56695101326d ago

and some how pc gamers get downplayed because there isnt over a million players online at any giving moment lol. most console games dont have staying power. console gamers tend to move to the next big thing.

i think cod have high numbers because the split screen, easy to pick up, and the obvious "because everyone else plays it". i like cod i just don twant to pay for it when it hardly improve over the last one. thats the reason i havent brought madden in a while, by that i mean 8yrs.

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temple1326d ago

I don't know why you always have more disagrees when it's generally your opinion that you post. Granted I only glance here occasionally, and don't know your history that well. I gave you an agree and bub up just to try and balance it out. On topic, I really liked KZ:SF and bought the season pass. It's better than CoD and runs smoother than BF so it was a no brainer for me. I look forward to whatever they have coming down the line.

Blackleg-sanji1326d ago

he only gets disagrees because he blends his comments with naruro related stuff nd i guess ppl find it annoying?? idk i think its kind of funny (maybe cuz i kno what hes saying most of the time lol)

OT: i loved killzones multiplayer but the single player this time was kind of meh

LogicStomper1326d ago

"and don't know your history that well"

That's why.

1326d ago
imt5581326d ago

Bring back Salamun Market and Radec Academy!!!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1326d ago

Who the hell cares about 3D and Move support these days ?

GryestOfBluSkies1326d ago

i know im in the minority... but i care about both of those things.

ThatOneGuyThere1326d ago

I do. KZ3 in full 3d with the move controller was one of the most immersive experiences ive had with a video game. have you even played motorstorm in 3d? good lord its amazing.

InTheZoneAC1326d ago

move was a horrible gimmick. I made it last for all of 2 weeks before I sold it...

ThatOneGuyThere1326d ago

you must be one of those lazy gamers. lol. the move is insanely accurate. not every game is perfect for it, but the game that use it well, its really, really great

hellzsupernova1326d ago

The only future I see for move is with the VR tech

Qrphe1326d ago

I begged Suckerpunch for Move support on ISSthrough Twitter. I2 worked awesomely with it.

Alexious1325d ago

Well, some people do. Granted, 3D will soon become a bit "old" with VR, but Move on the other hand could become even more popular with Project Morpheus.

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