Our First Look at Mortal Kombat X

CCC Says: "After weeks of rumors and anticipation leading up to the June 2nd reveal, we were finally given confirmation that the next entry into the Mortal Kombat franchise is in-fact going to happen. Not a Special Forces spin-off. Not another MK vs. DC game. An honest to goodness sequel to the smash reboot from 2011. Dubbed “X” (as this is the tenth entry in the official franchise counting Ultimate MK3), the next Mortal Kombat game will hit our next-gen consoles sometime in 2015. While that seems like a lifetime for a hardcore MK fan like me, we’ll have to just baby step our way through the media blitz that the game will no doubt enjoy in the coming months."

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Alucardx031445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

We've only seen one trailer, which was 100% CG. We haven't seen a single screenshot or gameplay video. We know next to nothing about the roster, arenas, movelist, and game mechanics. We don't even have a release window. All we have are some voice acting rumors, hints from the trailer, an ambiguous gameplay description, and some "retro" costumes.

That's enough to be excited for, especially if you're a fan, but to come to the conclusion that "MKX could end up being one of the best fighters of this generation" is a little bit of a stretch, no? And that's coming from a guy that spent waaaay too much time playing MK9.

I think opinions are a great thing, but baseless claims wrapped in misleading headlines only add to the noise.