Batman: Arkham Knight Delay Was a Good Idea

"Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Games made waves this week with the release of their new Batmobile trailer for the upcoming highly anticipated sequel Batman: Arkham Knight" |

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rodiabloalmeida1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I wanted so much to play it this year :/

jay21421d ago

This year for games is becoming shit.

MrSwankSinatra1420d ago

evolve, the evil within, far cry 4, alien isolation, call of duty advance warfare, assassin's creed unity, wolfenstein the new order, watch dogs, battlefield hardline, dragon age inquisition, titanfall, infamous second son, thief, mudered soul suspect, sunset overdrive, donkey kong country tropical freeze, mario kart 8, plants vs zombies garden warfare, metal gear solid v ground zeroes, destiny, driveclub, middle earth shadow of mordor, bayonetta 2.

I don't know man, seems pretty solid to me.

Kivespussi1420d ago

Not that great.

Also you forgot one of the best, Dark Souls 2

Baccra171420d ago

Wow,that's a big list of games that not everyone is going to like- and lets not even start talking about how there are genres people don't like either. He's right- deal with it.

SixtyNine1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

When people say "no games", what they mean is , no overhyped AAA Games releasing this year , meanwhile there are games just as good if not better releasing this year. So yeah, I agree with you, Mr SS

medman1420d ago

"Batman:Arkham Knight delay was a good idea"....maybe so, but announcing it would release in 2014 just a few weeks prior to announcing the delay was a bad idea. I don't understand the decision for them to come out saying it's slated for a fall release only to turn around a few short weeks later saying "Oops, our bad". Just who is making the decisions over there?

GamingSinceThe80s1420d ago

It worked for Watch dogs.That game had record sales even with all the delays.It's now seems like it's all part of the marketing plan to start with.And as long as we keep rewarding them with huge day one sales,it's something we all better get used to like it or not.

Kivespussi1420d ago

Delaying it was better idea than releasing a broken game. But sure as hell it would've been even better if they would've announced a 2015 release to begin with.

ger23961420d ago

From now on when new games are announced, don't give a date. They should state that it's release date is tbd.

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