Plow Games Bringing Space Jerk To Wii U

Plow Games has announced it’s intentions to bring a game oddly named Space Jerk to the Wii U eShop.

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mikel10151388d ago

Dang, I'm losing track of all the indie games on Wii U, what is it now like 350?

Rockefellow1388d ago

There are quite a few good-looking Indies headed to Wii U. I'm still waiting for Monkey pirates and Shovel Knight, hopefully both will be out in the next few weeks.

This game, on the other hand, doesn't particularly look very good. I've noticed several extremely budget-friendly, cheap games on the Wii U eShop as of late, and it's almost upsetting that Nintendo would allow such utter trash on their store. Poor gameplay, bland, generic art styles, choppy, slow animations-- games made by people looking to cash in on the indie craze on Nintendo's newly-opened system. There was a game out a few weeks ago about "saving the environment. That's all fine and dandy, but the damned thing looked like it had been ripped out of the abscesses of the worst adventure games of the early '90s.

...I guess I'm saying that I'd like to take a little time and see how this game looks, and performs, on Kickstarter before gettingng excited. More indie games is not necessarily a good thing if the lot of them are low quality. This hasn't shown us any more than a couple of images-- it hasn't even passed a Kickstarter campaign yet.