Streaming and Sexism - Girls on Twitch

The rise in popularity of games streaming has rendered a whole new industry unto itself. The idea of professional gaming is in no way a new concept. Benjamin Burns fondly remembers ‘CS: Source’ players looking like sentient hardware commercials. But it has certainly never been anywhere near as diverse a vocation as it is now and this has opened up the possibility of playing games professionally to a whole new group of people. Call them casual players, call them’ noobs’, call them whatever you like. The simple fact is that people will now watch other people play games for reasons other than their level of skill and experience.

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2pacalypsenow1503d ago

Its the world we live in , Get over it

OculusRift1503d ago

Nope, where's my ten foot pole?

pompombrum1503d ago

On the flip side though, if they weren't women with huge boobs, would they have even gotten any attention to be victim of sexist remarks?

It kind of grinds my gears a little bit that some Twitch users can put countless hours in trying to make their streams entertaining, focusing on improving themselves in whatever games they stream yet get no reward yet will never see the sort of popularity women gamers will get even if they're bad at games, guys will tune in because it's women playing computer games.. kind of pathetic really but that doesn't mean I want to abuse them nor do I condone any sort of sexist hateful remarks either.

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The story is too old to be commented.