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Puppeteer for PS4?

Is Sony preparing a PS4-Version of "Puppeteer"?
Few minutes ago I looked in PS4's PlayStation Store for new titles and in search function Puppeteer was listed. Interesting fact: You can click on "Laden" ("Download") but no download starts. Until now 7 persons gave a "thumbs up".

What do you think? Just a mistake or a hint for a PS4-Version of Sony's high-rated PS3 game in 2013? (PS4, Puppeteer)

Hard to tell
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   424d ago
:) Please.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   424d ago
I'd have preferred Puppeter as a PS4 launch game over Knack.

Puppeter was an overlocked Masterpiece
RB201122  +   423d ago
Knack was amazing!
Testfire  +   423d ago
I really agree, it's a shame that Sony didn't promote this game. It deserved so much more, hopefully it will go to PS4 and do much better.
sinncross  +   423d ago
Puppeteer is amazing. Replaying it now.
admiralvic  +   424d ago
This is quite likely an error, which is far from uncommon. With so many things added to the store, every now and then things like this fall between the cracks. While I would love to see Puppeteer on the PS4 (would work really well on the system), it sold pretty poorly and it was free with Plus last month, so I just find it hard to believe.
TheFallenAngel  +   423d ago
Yes please. I didn't get to enjoy this because I gave my cousin my ps3.
The_BoZZ1991  +   423d ago
First (and little bit OT): Nice that my 1st news brought to life ^^


I was surprised to see this in PS4's PS-Store.
Maybe it's just an issue or part of PlayStation Now but it's quite interesting. I never played Puppeteer but a PS4-Version would be nice.
HaydoThePotato  +   423d ago
It was an error, as today when I went to browse the PSN store on PS4 I went to the 'members area' of PS+, where it had all of this months free games there. I clicked download on 2K14 but it just purchased it. Same with the other PS3 titles.
The_BoZZ1991  +   423d ago
But something is different. Look at my picture. When I clicked on Child of Light and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons only an error message displayed. But clicking on Puppeteer there wasn't this error.

I don't say that you are wrong but in my opinion this is a little bit different ;)
HaydoThePotato  +   423d ago
Your picture is the same as what happened to me today, it even says its a PS3 title. Although I'm not doubting you in the slightest, a PS4 version wouldn't go astray!
waltyftm  +   423d ago
Just completed the story yesterday, awesome game with some stunningly beautiful graphics and really fun game play, a PS4 version would be great for fans.
Picnic  +   423d ago
I feel cheated with Puppeteer. I bought it for £25.

Not long after it was being given away for free on PS3.

Sony should consider that their generosity has not only harmed their bank balance but the likelihood of people being comfortable spending money on their games.

I found it a mild let down compared to its critical praise. It's beautifully constructed (like a series of paper / cardboard pantomime stages) but it's too hard in places.

It seem to be a tactic of Sony to fill in the lack of exclusive AAA games on PS4 with PS4 versions of late PS3 games and PS4 indie games.

It's like Sony are saying 'We'll give you more fresh PS4 experiences when you give us our full due for the PS3 ones!'

If Sunset Overdrive gets great reviews, it might give the Xbox One some decent steam.
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Picnic  +   423d ago
Oh what a surprise. 4 disagrees and no reason given why. You don't make an excellent argument with your lack of words.
Drekken  +   423d ago
Well for one it is hard to argue with: "wah, wah, wah, wah, wah"

Second is: You know Sony has this service called PS+... You know they give away free games. You know you can either wait and hope for certain games you want to be free or buy them when you want them. Knowing all of this you are still here complaining about a game you bought AT A DISCOUNT going free. Of course you will get disagrees. Would a better thing be Sony not give any games for free because it might upset Picnic? I don't think so.
Inception  +   423d ago
You lucky you got Puppeteer and with low prices too.

In my country, all my local store doesn't have a single copy left for Puppeteer. All sold out. I even tried to search the 2nd market but not a single person wants to give up their copy.

So i'll suggest you to keep it for two reason:

1) The game is really good and worth every penny. I missed the PS+ offering and i hope sony will put the game again in the future.

2) Someday that copy will be rare just like Dark Cloud 1 & 2, Tales of Destiny, Suikoden 2, or any game that reach the status of rare.
Picnic  +   423d ago
Do you not see the stupidity of me getting 13 disagrees and no agrees though?

Even though part of my post praises Puppeteer's style. Surely people don't all think Puppeteer has no style?

It only takes people to object to one tiny part of a post- often the opening or closing line- and then you get a disagree. Or you get a disagree just because people are basically bullies.

Like saying all I said was 'wah wah wah' basically is.

Wah wah wah.
Bennibop  +   423d ago
Puppeteer is a day on purchase for me, one of the best platform games in years and the best use of stereoscopic 3d ever!
talocaca  +   423d ago
I would much rather a Vita version...or a sequel.

I think it looks great on PS3 as it is...specially the 3D!!! The curtains look amazing!
vacoby5  +   423d ago
I was thinking the samething. Would be nice if it happened
DualWielding  +   423d ago
I don't think they would have given pupeteer on PS+ if they were planning on a remaster
vacoby5  +   423d ago
Tomb Raider?
lahariko  +   423d ago
What about ps vita :O
ginsunuva  +   423d ago
It's on PsNow anyway...
cyckiewicz  +   423d ago
Funny thing, PS Store is also listing LBP Karting for PS4 :)Curious...

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