Guerrilla Games on PS4 Future: "Still a Lot to Discover;" Talks 1080p, New IP and Relation with Sony

Guerrilla Games Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma is currently holding an AMA on Reddit he discussed in quite some depth the relationship between the developer and Sony both at the outset of the generation and more in general and on Expectations for PS4's future.

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B1uBurneR1329d ago

How much more can you say about 1080p.? Its 1080p

killzone6191329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

i think GG are going for a fake 1080p resolution again. lol

CryofSilence1329d ago

Single player was traditional 1080p. Multiplayer was also 1080p but in a less traditional way that can result in image degradation when their predictive technology fails (rare). Both are full 1080p output. Quit trolling.

dale_denton1329d ago

u mean fake it like as in xbone 1080p faking it?

Phatty1329d ago

Someone's bitter over resolution... I wonder why.

dantesparda1329d ago

You know what else does/hits this so called fake 1080p (according to killzone619), Wolfenstein on X1, its res drops down to 960x1080p more often than the PS4 version drops to 1760x1080p (the lowest res the PS4 version drops to). So its confirmed according to killzone619's logic. Wolfenstein on the X1 is fake 1080p.

No_Limit1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

LOL, you people do know that Killzone619 hates everything from PS4, Xboxes, to PC right? Just look at his comment history and he hates and bash everything equally if it is not up to his liking so you people that thinks he is saying it because he is a Xbox fanbois are getting played.

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JackOfAllBlades1329d ago

1080p 60fps > 900p 60fps > 720p 60fps


brich2331329d ago

Explain 960x1080p? aka Killzone multiplayer.

KwietStorm1329d ago

So there's no way we can like consolidate all this Guerilla info into ONE post?

No_Limit1329d ago

It is Dualshockers,consolidating means less click for the site. They are milking it as usual.

Spotie1329d ago

Right, cuz they're the only website to ever have done so, and the only one doing so now.

frenchtoast1328d ago

@Spotie - They're doing it a lot more than any other website now. And they reporting stories from other websites that do the same thing. Very hypocritical

modesign1329d ago

im guessing 20 different "journalists" created their own article from 1 GG interview. congrats

XiSasukeUchiha1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Guerilla games I have high hopes that you guys can further increase you relationship with Sony.

bomboclaat_gamer1329d ago

please please please

STFU and show us the games

akurtz1329d ago

not with that attitude. nuh uh!

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