79% Of Gamers Say They Won't Buy Cheaper $399 Xbox One

A new report from Dealnews market research has surveyed gamers about trends and choices in the gaming industry and even with Phil Spencer still trying to spin gold out of the fecal-policies that were put into place last year when the Xbox One originally debuted, it still isn't enough to win over a very stubborn and very steadfast gaming audience.

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CYCLEGAMER1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

So it is obviously not all about the games, kinect, price, features, or policies. It seems to be more about emotions, hype, and allegiance.

Hopefully e3 will change some

NatureOfLogic_1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

If Amazon best sellers is anything to go by, It's pretty obvious that no one is anticipating the $399 Kinectless Xbox One's. I believe the kinectless Xbox One will still receive a small boost in sales. I just don't think It will be enough to close the gap between PS4 like some are expecting.

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NewMonday1327d ago

- the PS4 has more games both digitally and in retail, this gives it a bigger more prominent shelf space and store display, this is a big issue people underestimate.

- the PS4 is more powerful and 3rd party games like CoD , BF3 run better on the console.

- Sony made a winning bet on WD and Destiny, these 2 games prove the most wanted new IP and cross promotion is giving the PS4 mind-share prominence.

- a large chunk of the core gamer market have already bought a console and few are willing to buy another console this soon.

- the WiiU is competing hard for the 2nd console spot, the XB1 is getting sandwiched.

- I't could just be me but MS seem to spend less on marketing this time around, less financial returns means less money to re-invest in advertising.

nicksetzer11327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

This is all a matter of who was interviewed, were they PS fanboys? PC elitists? Do they have interest in any gaming consoles? Or are they just randoms picked out of a crowd .... surveys are pointless as you do not get appropriate points thanks to all the unknowns of your audience being surveyed.

You could survey 5000 people on if they use the internet, and say "only 12% of people use the internet" (with no reference to the those surveyed) if those 5000 are from some 3rd world country it kinda makes the survey pointless.

This survey with it's lack of information is a farse.

However, all that aside, the survey is absolutely irrelevant, but the article completely fabricates %'s out of thin air.

From the sourced survey:
"Our survey shows that 43% of Xbox 360 users have not bought a current-generation console because of price. But 58% of those very same users said they also wouldn't buy the Xbox One at the lower price of $399"

Thatguy-3101327d ago

Exactly and people will counter your statement by saying it isn't out yet but let's not forget how the ps4 stayed within the top 10 when it was in its pre-order face. I'm curious to see how much of am impact this price reduction will do to the Xbox. They have a good chance to pull it off with a great E3 showing.

Tetsujin1327d ago

I want games, not a cheaper console. So far outside the original Killer Instinct there's no games which fits my standards that scream "play me" that I can't find somewhere else. And before people start arguing a list of games, some do spark my interest however I need actual game play, not some trailer(s) and a ton of hype.

The price helps, however not enough.

georgeenoob1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )


"The PS4 has more games both digitally and in retail"

The Ouya has more games than PS4, what's your point? Quality > Quantity. With that said, the only real exclusives that held any hype at all on PS4 were Knack, Infamous, and Killzone (two of them had bad reviews). The rest are multiplatform or indies that most gamers don't know exist.

X1 drastically outnumbers PS4 in AAA with Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and Forza 5, and Titanfall. The only multiplatform game is Titanfall, that's it.

After E3, MS will outnumber Sony exclusives AT LEAST 3:1, since almost every one of Sony's first party studio confirmed they aren't making an appearance. MS ALREADY has almost a dozen announced games going into E3 on top of their unannounced games, whereas Sony only has The Order, Driveclub, and Uncharted.

As for the poll, I wonder what percent of that number own a PS4 and/or are fanboys. Polls are known to be swarmed by trolls.

choujij1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

@georgeenoob "Polls are known to be swarmed by trolls."
That must be so frustrating for you.

OT: Can't say I'm surprised by the results. It's not a price-drop, it's a de-bundling.

I really think this is just temporary, so they can sell the system separately at $399 to those who will buy it at that price, before being forced to legitimately drop it's standalone price. But in all likelihood, a game bundle at $399 will have to be attempted first.

Unreal011327d ago


I don't...I don't even. Right I know those games are exclusive, but AAA, are you serious? Why do continue to ignore the good stuff on PS4: Infamous, KZ:SF, FFXIV, Resogun, Knack, Outlast, all of the great free indies it's been getting, etc.

I feel there's no hope for you.

DigitalHope1327d ago

Finally something everyone can agree with George about.


Why most of us went PS4, we have both in spades, especially the quality.

AceBlazer131327d ago

If anyone is surprised by those statistics they have to be stupid. Xbox just bearly exists in the best sellers

DragonKnight1327d ago

"It seems to be more about emotions, hype, and allegiance."

It's actually because no one trusts Microsoft. The consumer market isn't something to be trifled with or controlled the way MS tried to do, they don't forget quickly either. MS is going to have to work long and hard to win back that 79%, not just have one good E3.

T21327d ago

As usual,georgenoob states that sony doesn't have AAA becuz they aren't announcing all at E3 but of course he will count halo, gears and any 3 second clip that ms shows for games with no release dares that everyone already knows are coming.
Meanwhile in the real world ms has zero games till fall at bare minimum if not longer,and will be raped in sales.
The more good news for ms from this article is that it looks like some people are at least interested in the cheaper sku, if only a small percentage

Pogmathoin1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Cinema blend is a very reliable source. Survey was done outside game stores on same day as infamous second son release..... Purely coincidental...... Oh what the hell.... The next 10,000 who were not surveyed, 87% would buy X1....... Who knows????

Concertine, Disagree, bubble down and move on..... That an anthem on this site? Regardless of valid points, not pro Sony, then Disagree, bubble down and move on???

Skips1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

"With that said, the only real exclusives that held any hype at all on PS4 were Knack, Infamous, and Killzone (two of them had bad reviews)."

Except you forgot FFXIV which has the same meta score as Titanfall (86)... And MLB: 14 which has a meta score of (83). A sports game that scores higher than a racing game like Forza 5 (80). lmao

"X1 drastically outnumbers PS4 in AAA with Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and Forza 5, and Titanfall."

Except Ryse is garbage, and Killer Instinct is a small F2P downloadable XBL arcade game... Soooo why exactly are you counting those games?

InTheLab1327d ago

I'm jumping on board this year. I've bashed Ms since the reveal and they've reversed all that crap and took it a step beyond with the removal of pay walls and a ton of games.

Might pick one up this fall. Of course I remember the sh$& they tried to pull but you can't stay mad at them forever. Especially after making all the moves they have since Phil got promoted.

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glennhkboy1327d ago

Kinectless model, with the lower price, should sell well outside US. Most of the features of Kinect are either useless (English voice commend) or un-realistic (7 to 10 feet free space) outside of US.

Darkstares1327d ago

Why is 21% a bad thing? They just got 21% of those surveyed now interested in the new price that were not interested when it was $499 or didn't want to pay for Kinect.

kreate1327d ago

whichever console that reaches $299 USD.
that is what i will pick up first.

Rimeskeem1326d ago


Killzone got 7-8 which is not bad at all and Knack was extremely under rated in my opinion. The xbox one has The Fighter Within (1/10). But apparently that game does not exist to you.

Joey_Leone1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

The damages have been done, I'm still sticking to what I've stated on here numerous times, the gamers see Microsoft for who they are now, the Xbox brand is scarred and it would be no surprise to me if the platform discontinued and i don't care. Again the damages have been done, the majority of Xbox fanboys already transferred to the PC and PlayStation. It's over, id be surprised if Microsoft survives from this.

asmith23061326d ago

You start your post by saying Quality >Quantity then immediately go on the attack saying X1 has more games and exclusives as your argument. You are quite the mystery.

Bob Dole1326d ago

Bob Dole's going to buy one specifically for Peggle 2. Then for the other exclusive titles.

andibandit1326d ago

399$ is till too high when you got PS4 right along side it with the same price tag.
At 350$ I would consider it a direct competition with PS4 and at 300$ I would run out and get one.

BadlyPackedKeebab1326d ago

I agree, I mean... I have and love both but... its kind of like, if you were going to buy an xbox... you were going to buy an xbox...

Ok when it comes to the masses things might change there. But the masses are going to base their choice on one of two things. What they had before or what their local opinion leader tells them. In the case of all my friends I am the gaming opinion leader and for single console owners they all took my recommendation of a ps4. This is one of the things that helped the 360. All the opinion leaders got one because it was out there on its own. So by the time the masses were ready to purchase the vast majority of gamers were saying "hey self validation, be like me, buy a 360".

UltimateMaster1326d ago

You can get a PS4 for 399$ in Canada with a 9:10 Ratio Can$ VS US$.

If you are to buy an Xbox One, then go buy one in Canada and save around 50$.

For anyone who lives in California, Texas or Florida. Your screwed!
They don't give a f*ck about you guys.

fr0sty1326d ago

Obviously people don't like paying the same amount for weaker hardware, and obviously people prefer Sony's proven game lineup vs. Microsoft's "let's make 2-3 good exclusives and then pay for the rest from third parties" approach. They also probably don't like the fact that MS will dismantle or lose the studios that make all their best games, then go on to give those franchises to unproven studios yet will still hype them up as if they are as good as the original games made by the original creators.

BlackTar1871326d ago


Did you just say drastically outnumbers and give 3 ps4 games and 4 Xbox one game? If that's drastic then i need to go back to school and learn the definition of drastic. You're alos forgetting MLB the show.

DemonChicken1326d ago

lol at georgeenoob

Guess you can't use DR3 anymore huh? Since it's going to be released on PC xD

fr0sty1326d ago

Here's Georgenoob's argument going down in flames...

1326d ago
Anarki1326d ago

No disrepsect to Microsoft but...... I can already buy a £350 XBOne, Kinect + Titanfall right now if I wanted. Why pay 350 for a kinect and no games?

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zeal0us1327d ago

I dunno some probably was expecting MS to sell the Xbox One(without Kinect) cheaper than $399. Given the thing is weaker than PS4 in terms of specs . Heck I was expecting MS to sell it at least $349.

incredibleMULK1326d ago

I think if they would put it at $299 it would sell like hotcakes.

rdgneoz31326d ago

I was expecting $349 as well. You figure the Kinect stand alone will be $100 to $150 seeing as the 360 version is $100 already.

truefan11327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Come on, gotta do better than this.This isn't enough to counter all the good news we XB1 owners have been getting. MSFT is delivering all this great pre E3 news regarding games, apps, and restrictions, but it's doing more harm than good according to this article lol.

4-5 solid months of great XB1 news has the haters reaching. Also considering the compelling software XB1 has coming this fall in Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, and Halo 2.

@NewMonday who are you trying to convince us or yourself. It's amazing you talk about power yet not one ps4 game has looked convincingly better and FH2 and DC are both 1080p 30 fps, yet only one of them is open world.

GarrusVakarian1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

" FH2 and DC are both 1080p 30 fps, yet only one of them is open world."

Which means what, exactly? Both games use completely different graphical assets. They aren't visually identical games. If they were visually identical, yet FH2 still ran at 30fps locked whilstbeing open-world, and DC was as it is (linear) with a locked 30fps, then bragging about FH2 would make sense, because it would be doing the same as DC whilst also being on a larger scale. But you're comparing apples and oranges, and glossing over so many different factors apart from res, framerate, and genre in order to make a biased comparison. It doesn't work like that.

What about textures, texture resolution, Global Illumination, car detail, car polys, track detail, environment detail, motion blur, AA, AF, DOF, LOD, on-track car amount, real-time reflections...etc etc? If all of those things are identical, yet one game runs just as well as the other whilst ALSO being open world...then the bragging would be warranted. But asking for a fair comparison from you would be unrealistic.

Would you be saying the same thing if FH2 was an 8-bit retro game, but was still 1080p 30fps and open world? Because according to you, res, framerate and open world are the only determining factors of which racer is better.

" yet not one ps4 game has looked convincingly better "

How would you know? Seriously, how?

Concertoine1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )


Lol why are you always wasting time on people like truefan and georgeenoob?

I wonder if this website would be a cesspool of trolls if people didnt have uber serious, 10 minute posts to feed them with.

Disagree, bubble down and move on.

DoubleM701327d ago

It should read 79% percent of Sony Fanboys will not buy a Xbox1.

mrpsychoticstalker1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

totally agree, articles like this don't take away the hype and great news we (the xbox community) have been getting lately.


yeah bro, that would be a more appealing title even though I know several ps4 owners that are getting an xbox this fall. while some others wait for that white edition.


is that what you usually do? damn... never pursue a degree in law. you obviously don't like to argue


I like the fact that in most of your posts you try to be diplomatic , but here on n4g you have to pledge your allegiance to either Sony or Microsoft. make up your mind already. even though we all here know what that is going to be.

metatronx1327d ago

@trufans: '' has the haters reaching'', really? Aren't u the one always come to Sony articles and post nonsense craps every time?

@chopstick: so Lukas can't post his opinions? Why it always has to be either Sony and MS? Such a closed mind...And oh, why don't u, truefan and georgenoob get a room already?

imt5581326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )


"...Lol why are you always wasting time on people like truefan and georgeenoob?

I wonder if this website would be a cesspool of trolls if people didnt have uber serious, 10 minute posts to feed them with.

Disagree, bubble down and move on...."

Well, they are trolls ( truefan, gnoob, KNWS...), but without brain ( like MisterX ) and they really don't know what they are talking about.

Yes, i only have 2 bubbles and i'm fine with that. But if bubble system disappear, we're in serious trouble.

pyramidshead1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

What New Monday said was literally pure fact. lol.

I love the damage control from Xbox Fanboys, it's absolutely delicious. Especially when you point out that the new Xbox is now longer the more powerful and popular console.

To send them over the edge you bring up the fact that there is indeed more games on PS4 than on Xbone. Doesn't matter about subjective opinion and taste, that is a cold hard fact. A fact that's hard to swallow if you're an Xbone fanboy.

Proceed to mind gymnast some more Truefan1, I don't think you're prepared for what Sony's bringing this E3 ;).

DarXyde1326d ago

I was able to see your post as not-so-ridiculous...then you mentioned the PlayStation 4's games.

See, you're implying Drive Club CAN'T be open world. Obviously different products with different visions. To my knowledge, not ONCE has Evolution stated, "we wanted to make an open-world game". It was never an interest to begin with.

Have you not seen The Order: 1886? What do you mean no game looks convincingly better? Furthermore, why do you even care what PlayStation has? You're obviously not interested in getting one... In your defense though, this is a Microsoft article and any Sony fanboys don't have much business in here. Not sure why I'm asking you questions since you can't reply to this topic lol.

Now about the article, I think some information can be extracted from this: are these gamers simply done with console gaming? Are they content with their consoles now? Do they really even plan to upgrade? Newfound circumstances in life preventing them from even thinking about it? Pre-existing biases? Heck, what if the 360 install base was largely inflated and never really existed because they've replaced so many XBOX 360s following the CPU failure rate? And IF the install base was still quite large, are gamers skeptical because they are afraid of an imaginary failure rate? Are they waiting for a slimmer model? Or, did this survey actually do its job and gamers aren't interested in an XBOX One *relative* to PS4? Too many things to consider that we would overlook. Maybe it's telling, maybe not.

ShinMaster1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Halo 2 is 2 generations old.

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Bigpappy1327d ago

Kinect was not the main reason for slower sales than PS4, the 2 P's are the biggest draw backs (Price and Power perception were/are). If M$ could match PS4 in resolution and frame rate, while continuing to show better exclusives, they will easily win the Americas and UK, while doing better in Europe overall.

MRMagoo1231327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

" while continuing to show better exclusives" how do they continue something that hasnt even started?

If anything the gap will get wider because of word of mouth and the fact Sony is the bigger gaming brand world wide where it actually matters

ShinMaster1326d ago

Price, power and Worldwide Studios.

lelo1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

"79% Of Gamers Say They Won't Buy Cheaper $399 Xbox One"

Haters are going to hate... and that's that.

When so called "gamers" care more about the brand of a console then actual games, they are a sad excuse of a "gamer".

I already have a decent PC and PS4, getting later on a Kinectless X1.
As for console wars, I'll leave that to stupid fanboys.

TKCMuzzer1327d ago

Haters? you mean people on a budget who Can only afford to buy one console. The article even states 59% of 360 owners wont upgrade at that price.
It's not about haters, it's about value for money.

I wish people would stop saying others are fanboys just because they don't want to buy more than one console, not everyone like yourself has the financial luxury or spare time to own all gaming hardware on the market.

choujij1327d ago

I didn't see you mention Wii-U?

fermcr1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )


Peoples budget wasn't mention not even once in the article. It's about gamers that are "offended". Gamers are prima donnas that get easily offended... specially fanboys.

If Microsoft does this, they're offended.
If Microsoft does that, they're offended.
If Microsoft didn't do this or that, they're offended.

Seriously! Prima donnas.

If I got offended every time a company does something I don't approve, I would be offended at every company in the world.

asmith23061326d ago

"When so called "gamers" care more about the brand of a console then actual games, they are a sad excuse of a "gamer". - such a sad comment. I consider myself a core gamer through and through, but there comes a point when it's not about the games. I work my ass off for the money I earn so I decide not to give that cash to a company like MS.

I have owned three 360s in the past and original Xbox but after they shafted the core market in favour of Kinect at the end of the 360s life, and made all them anti consumer/gamer announcements I have decided they aren't getting my cash again until I have good reason to do so. And a game isn't going to change my mind. A change in attitude on the companys part will, and it will take a while for me to be convinced of that. At the moment they reek of desperation.

My money is going to Sony and Nintendo where I know I will get fantastic games, service, customer support, etc. basically no bullshit in any form. To me they feel like real game companies, unlike MS, who just seem like they are in this business to earn some extra cash on the side.

lelo1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )


I find people like you hypocrite.

They feel offended because Microsoft did this and that or wanted to do that and this... but why not go little further, and feel offended about other (much worse) things. Do you realize that almost everything electronic is made in China, in factories with appealing working conditions and slave workers. Do you realize that all consoles (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) are made in those factories? Since you are so high and mighty, you shouldn't buy those consoles and electronics made in those conditions... you would be living in the stone age, but at least you would feel good about your self.

Yep, a lot of gamers and fanboys are prima donas easily offended... but aren't offended by something that really matters.

Who gives a crap if Microsoft wanted to implement DRM or what not?... what matters is if the console is worth buying now. If I felt offended in what everything Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft did wrong, I wouldn't buy any console.

ShinMaster1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

So if people don't buy an Xbox One they're just haters? Really?
You think being able to afford all consoles puts you on a higher pedestal as a true gamer than everyone else?

The article also states that the 59% of those gamers are Xbox 360 owners.

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christocolus1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I wonder who this 79% are? A lot of my pals who have been sitting on the fence are actually now interested in getting the console. SO and the price drop alone were enough to convince 5 of my friends and some others who already own a wiiu or ps4 are also considering adding an xbx one now. I think e3 is going to play a huge role in this deceision making process.I remember the ps4 sales skyrocketed at gamestop and amazon immediately after sonys press conference last year let's hope same happens with ms/xbx one at e3 this year.

So far phil has the momentum going.they need to keep this level of excitment going and deliver a grande conference..

TKCMuzzer1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The article states 59 % of 360 owners won't upgrade at that price. It's all about value for money, it needs to be lower than the PS4's price because many people automatically link hardware specs to price in order to justify a purchase.

When I buy anything electronic I compare what I'm getting for my money, that's just life.

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Funantic11327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Anybody can make a poll. It depends on who you ask. I could make a poll that says the exact opposite. As a matter of fact I know so many that want a X1 and will eventually get one no matter what it costs. Most of them are waiting on certain games like Gears or Halo. And right now most of them are still using and enjoying their 360. @Georgenoob I agreed with you and it gave you one agree and one disagree. Smh.

D-riders1327d ago

No it seems to be more about ms gave a lot of people the funk you last gen. Did anyone forget the rrod. Or the fact that they knew about their disc rattling issues before the system launched. Or what about them charging you to use Netflix and other services for ever. Or how about the huge power brick that was unneccssary. Oh wait if you buy this then you aren't in an allegiance against ms. You full of it. Ms had made two crappa$$ systems in a row and this time they were arrogant. The problem is they were never Sony and thought they was for a sec. Think the pay outsold the Xbox 360, since it launched ( they caught up and surpassed.) So how was ms was supposed to come out on top when the psi failure rate was 1/10 of Xbox 1 and they still beat them. Now without a year head start and no advantage . They actually have a weaker system and they are sending the wrong message. How do you expect ms to compete?

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SilentNegotiator1326d ago

Then why is PS4 outselling Xbone in spades? Ps3 and the 360 sold about the same amount...if your logic followed, Ps4 and Xbone wouldn't be ~3 million apart in a mere ~7 months; not even close to that big of a gap.

Aceman181326d ago

I'm waiting for another game that has me interested Luke Quantum Break before I purchase an X1.

Gamer19821326d ago

I think its all about too little too late, bridges were burned for a lot with the lies early on when the console was announced then on top of things PS4 was cheaper so a lot of those who would have bought the cheaper console have now got the ps4 and wont switch now as it involves even more money something they didn't want to do in the first place that's why they went ps4.. I think MS proper messed up early on and its made a knock on effect so big the only way to get momentum back would have been to better sonys price not match it..

JBSleek1326d ago

You got that theory from a small survey? Wow that's intelligent...

Iamnemesis48801326d ago

Yeah they say over 79% of gamers wont buy it 79% of only a few thousand people if that is so how does it stand with the millions of x1 consoles sold.

Matt6661326d ago

people can't call them selves gamers if they jump ship to what ever is the most popular consoles that generation. A gamer is some one who has multiple consoles and realizes that each console has it's advantages and disadvantages and that each consoles has great exclusive games. A fanboy is some one who jumps ship every generation and will defend there particular console to the death. I am a gamer I own both a Xbox One and a PS4 and I enjoy both very much.

vivid831326d ago

sorry but a gamer is someone who plays and enjoys games you don't need to have multiple consoles to be a gamer

Matt6661326d ago

If you actually read what I put you would understand my theory so let me put it in simple terms

fanboy - some one who jumps ships to the most popular console and defends it to the deatth

gamer - some one who respects other people's choice and doesn't go off on a rant when some one else opinion isn't the same as there

BlackTar1871326d ago

Actually matt what you said in the first post and what you said in the second post aren't the same.

But i agree

Chevalier1326d ago

Some people have priorities like families and 2 systems are not necessary. It's about value versus cost.

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kenshiro1001326d ago

Yeah, let's wait until E3! That'll change people's minds!/s

Microsoft should have NEVER introduced those DRM policies in the first place.

Gamers are not stupid. They know flip-flopping when they see it.