Rockstar Pushed by Watch Dogs to Reveal GTA V for PC and Next-Gen Consoles at E3 2014?

Word on the street is that Rockstar is most possibly preparing a stage at E3 2014 for Grand Theft Auto V next-gen port announcement; Well why not? Watch Dogs has tolerably taken over GTA’s next-gen throne and Rockstar needs to give out something everyone is hankering for to claim its place back.

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Neonridr1360d ago

Good, I skipped GTA V on my 360..

I would love to play a PS4 version instead.

SneakyDoo1359d ago

Wow, you sounded all prideful towards next-gen. I'm surprised you got so many likes, but then again, this is N4G. You missed out on GTA V in it's prime if you "skipped it." The best experience was playing it for the first time, when the game was prestine.

Neonridr1359d ago

so you are saying that a PS4 or XB1 version won't be better in any way? And that if I am going to play the game I should settle for an inferior version on an inferior platform?

I seem to be failing at making sense to that statement..

Xenial1358d ago

I wouldn't go as far as your previous statements, but i agree. Playing GTA V when it first released was an experience all on its own.

Rickgrimes951360d ago

if it is announced at sony's e3 conference than I bet it'll be a ps4 bundle with gta v for ps4 399$ possibly 350$

Frisky1359d ago

Could be, but the price might be like $400+. Sony released GTA V PS3 bundle that cost about $40-50 more than the price of normal PS3.

mx1041359d ago

It will be good but i hope its not just another port over to next gen. Id prefer a new red dead

LAWSON721359d ago

Watch Dog will never be competitive with the greatness that is GTA

SneakyDoo1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

These rumors are never legit...

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