PS4 historically trailing Wii U, PS3, PSV in Japan HW sales

The Japanese console market really has changed as the PS4 is falling behind the sales of several other platforms historically like the Wii U, PS3, GameCube, and PS Vita while just edging out the Dreamcast.

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Neonridr1383d ago

anything that is tracking below the Vita in terms of hardware in Japan is suffering big time.

mrbojingles1383d ago

I know it may not be likely but with the mobile gaming bubble seemingly about to pop in the US I'm hoping Japan loses their love for mobile gaming by the time the PS5, XBOX 4, Wii 3 come out and return to consoles in full force.

UltimateMaster1382d ago

Japan is mostly focused on Handhelds now.

The PS3 is still having some solid JRPGs and is selling just as well as the PS4 with FFX and Drakenguard 3.

Wait until you see a FFXV release date, then those machines will sell like hot cakes. (Last time, they waited 4 years... and could have had a price drop)

UltimateMaster1382d ago

"Mind you that some of those systems launched during the holidays in Japan like the Wii U so the PS4 doesn't have the benefit of receiving a holiday bump just yet so it might be a bit unfair."

Yeah, it's the same with the Vita "trailing" because it lost it's holiday release here in the US.

slivery1382d ago

Just said the same thing, good god I hope you're right. This mobile trend needs to die and needs to die soon.

I hope with every fiber of my being people start remembering that consoles offer far more quality experiences than mobiles ever could and that they finally get bored of all these small stale games only made to entertain the mindless.

Even the bigger games on mobile phones truly suck in comparison to the quality of games you get on a handheld or a console. You get what you pay for, if all you care about is buying cheap games, you'll get a cheap experience most the time.

JBSleek1382d ago

Mobile gaming bubble? Mobile gaming isn't some scheme that is going to burst anytime soon.

Your hope for a resurge in mobile dedicated gaming is laughable.

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MatrixxGT1382d ago

Wiiu tracked behind vita for a while till recently. Vita has picked up sales wise in Japan. Its sales in the west that needs attention.

Neonridr1382d ago

For nearly the first 2 years of it's lifespan in Japan sales were horrible. Yes it has bounced back nicely now, but at what cost? The 3DS has such an edge in terms of install base in Japan. Kinda hard for developers to want to make their games for the Vita instead when there are 10 times as many 3DS owners.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1382d ago

@Neonridr hasn't been two years and Wii U only has less than 100 games released in Japan.

miyamoto1382d ago

So by your logic the PS3, PS4, 3DS, PSP, etc. is "suffering big time"?

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

Wii U – 19,312 (9,024)
3DS LL – 18,776 (18,374)
PlayStation Vita – 12,859 (14,070)
PlayStation 3 – 6,922 (7,565)
PlayStation 4 – 6,508 (7,543)
3DS – 4,957 (4,850)
PSP – 1,421 (1,479)
PlayStation Vita TV – 1,098 (1,142)
Xbox 360 – 225 (202)


Wow! :S

This is nothing new.
Kaz Hirai said, even at the early days of PS3, what actually works in Japan does not necessarily works in the west.

Sony has perceived this all along while ago. That is why they focused their attention outside Japan since the PS3. Even if it means Nintendo takes all of Japan's shrinking gaming market. Microsoft was a bigger threat to the PlayStation brand in the west than in Japan.

And when was the last time wii u sold 19K in a week in Japan?
War has changed.

Neonridr1382d ago

No that's not what I meant. In Japan it took nearly two years before the Vita even started selling in Japan. The PSP was outselling it on a weekly basis. Therefore it had a very poor performance over the first two years of its life. If something else is tracking lower than that, then there are real problems.

NYC_Gamer1383d ago

The Japanese market is more toward on the go gaming now days

KonsoruMasuta1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Yeah, sales are down from last week.

On another note, 360 sales are up. I think they sold 20 more units than they did last week!

slivery1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Microsoft is throwing a celebration party right now. this is the confidence boost they needed to start pushing the Xbox One in Japan.

Lol on a serious note though if Japans favorite system makers are doing this poorly now, I can't even imagine how abysmal Xbox One sales will be.

I wouldn't even bother if I was Microsoft, I know that is one hard pill to swallow but if the Xbox 360 sales are anything to go by...

Malacath1382d ago

Microsoft know the Xbox one isn't going to do well in Japan.

They just want a presence in Japan to lure Japanese developers.

As for Sony not doing well that's quite surprising but then PlayStation has become quite westernised considering most of its games are north American or European and for some reason the Japanese don't seem to like western games.

XabiDaChosenOne1382d ago

Sony is to western oriented right now, most of their first party titles are tailored to western interest which I don't understand since they are a japanese company. I understand that the PS4 is busting ass every where else but Sony needs to get to work on japanese titles for full global domination. I have a feeling that if they don't put enough emphasis on japan it could come back and bite them on the butt.

iamnsuperman1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Because the move is smart. The Japanese market is now more handheld oriented. Sony could (and probably will) release some Japanese orientated game in the near future but the money to be made with the system is the rest of the world not the Japanese market (developing games that really only appeal on a small scale).

Considering the reaction the Wii U has had and the reaction to what Microsoft has been saying about the Xbox One there, I don't think the lack of focus is going to do much.

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