Transistor's depth is a marvel that modern developers should aspire to

Save/Continue writes: There’s something to be said about how Supergiant Games manages to push all the right buttons when it comes to games. 2011′s Bastion was a marvel in storytelling, with adaptive narration that engrossed you in its deceptively simple story about a young lad fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds, with Caelondia devastated and the Ura Army continuing their aggression after Caelondia’s calamitous mishap. Transistor, on the other hand, interweaves its agenda in both its story and gameplay, each of them parts of a greater whole.

Spoilers beyond; you have been warned.

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AronDeppert1476d ago

I still haven't played Bastion. Cry for me.

MilkMan1476d ago

Depth? We must have played different games.

Sidology1475d ago

Clearly we did. There's more happening than you even realize.

MilkMan1475d ago

I don't think so. It wasn't the story that was deep, it was presentation that was unique and in most cases confused lots of players from what I hear on sites like Shacknews and Playfire and Reddit.
Here I did a random search and this popped up, its from Steam's forums.

See, its not depth when you cant get your basics in order. I think they (Supergiant Games) went a little to Kubrick on this one.

Still it was interesting diversion from the other monsters that appeared and sandwiched this title.