PS4 Ultimate Player Edition Bundle Listed On Amazon, Comes With PS Vita

Looks like Sony may be gearing up to announce a new PS4 bundle that'll include the PS Vita.

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XiSasukeUchiha1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Oh Damn,I'm hyped for this PS4 bundle everybody prepare for this!


Naruto: Thank you for the Support at N4G

Sakura: We are you here? Thank god theirs no Ino, or Karin!

Peppino71326d ago

In my opinion... this is something they shoulda had bundled with the ps4 launch. Especially since SONY promotes cross-game playability.

Nitrowolf21326d ago

Oh I'm not saying gross to the Bundle, I think this is soemthing that should have happened a while back, though the new Vita model probably was the reason (cut costs even further).

I was saying gross to Sasuke

choujij1326d ago

I know he's gotten out of hand.

Damn the day they did English voice-overs for Naruto.

0P-Tigrex1326d ago

I never liked Ino. Karin is a bigger slut than Sakura. I like that.

Bleucrunch1326d ago

I have not purchase my ps4 yet (I always wait until my birthday after its initial release to get it.) So this bundle works as I also want a ps VITA, but I was the original with the OLED display and not the LCD that the 2000 now has.

jnemesh1326d ago

I have one of the new ones...don't worry, the screen still looks great...and I am ok with it not looking QUITE as good, since it has significantly better battery life AND can be charged with a standard USB micro plug instead of a proprietary charger. Worth the trade off, IMHO.

SoapShoes1326d ago

I've had both and I like the LCD better. It has way more natural colors. Many think the OLED looks better but higher saturation doesn't equal better. Think of an HDTV, if you turn the contrast really high it looks more colorful and vibrant but nowhere near accurate. Other than the perks already mentioned OLED tends to get blotches(which I've experienced on my old vita when it goes black), and has a shorter life expectancy.

Gamingcapacity1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

The OLED screen is awesome. Blacks are black and colours aren't faded and crisp. If the colours do look too saturated then it the developers fault for having them at that setting.

But like jnemesh said, there are some good trade offs.

Edit: True about the blotches. You can see them clearly in a dark room but only when the entire screen is black which only happens while loading up games.

Edit: Also the OLED Vita is pretty much unusable outside in daylight. Not sure what the LED Vita is like.

GrandpaSnake1326d ago

one thing everyone fails to mention is that the oled vita can be played at any angle, the lcd has to be stood up straight infront of your face.

Joey_Leone1325d ago

Really? I own the the first PSVITA and i think the new one looks a lot better, it's more compact and i heard it has a longer battery life. Also the LCD screens last longer than the OLEDs and they also don't burn or have line/spot stains like my vita i currently have, the screen on my PSP from 2005 is still looking good. You have nothing to worry about.

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threefootwang1326d ago

Wonder if this will be heading to Canada

miyamoto1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Come, baby, come!

The Ultimate PS4 add-on peripheral!

Ipunchbabiesforfun1326d ago

Haha! It will happen after all! I'll take it!

SmokingMonkey1326d ago

Nice makes sense with the Vita 2000 model, save some money on those OLED screens.

makes the Vita more relevant too.

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