PSW Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

It's hard to know how to sum up MGS4 in a single word. 'Epic' could be used, but that might imply that small details are out of focus when they're not. 'Gargantuan' is a possibility, but then 'bloated' would also have to be strongly considered. Excellent? Definitely. Awesome? It's awe-inspiring in many respects. Extravagant? Oh yes.

So I'll do my best to sum it up, to give you a brief idea of how good it is, in, oh, about two and a half thousand words. That way I might just about scratch the surface of the content Kojima has jam-packed into this particular Blu-ray.

Despite all the technical wizardry on show, there's still a sense that we're being deprived of valuable gameplay for the sake of some flashy (albeit very, very flashy) story exposition. One or two sections of gameplay, too, are merely adequate and functional rather than exhilarating - but then we're all fans here, and that in itself means our expectations were maybe unreasonably high. It can't all be fireworks?!

So while MGS4's wilfully exclusive, staunch old-school feel (note that despite this, the interface and much of the story is perhaps the most accessible it's ever been - there's just loads of it) may prevent it being the perfect iteration of the series, it also has to be applauded. It hasn't been diluted, it's just as hardcore a Metal Gear experience as ever, if not more so given the abundance of information to process and take in.

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Rikitatsu3668d ago

take that Eurogamer & EDGE ;)

Superfragilistic3668d ago

It's certainly a very balanced review and the lack of a score helps.

I like how he points out the amazing as well as the shortfalls, but acknowledges that really as an MGS fan you couldn't ask for anything better.

Can't wait. :)

theKiller3668d ago

every time i hear about this game i regret i dont have a ps3!! :'(((

Lord20083668d ago

Did i miss something, when did 8 out of 10 become a bad review?? (eurogamer / Edge)

The Wood3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

good point. Now i have to actually read the review instead of skipping to the score.

Im glad they mentioned MGS fans also

@ Lord2008

an 8 from edge is good and is the equivalent to a 9 everywhere else. Not too sure about edge/eurogamer's grid score as i feel that was questionable

MoonlightProwler3668d ago

An 8/10 is not very good when the game is supposed to be AAA. MGS4 is clearly AAA, so the review seemed a little iffy. It's like they let 10 year olds review it, that had no comprehension of the awesomeness that is Metal Gear... or something like that :P

LeSouteneur3668d ago

From the link:

"Toddy thought Uncharted was a pretty good example of what next-gen gaming was all about back in PSW 102, and he was right. But MGS4 will join GTAIV in forming a stellar double-whammy of what PS3 can, should and will be capable of for the rest of its lifespan. At last, next-gen gaming will be fully realised in blockbuster form."

Game of the Year?:


godofthunder103667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

how can the psm give an unbias review about any ps game when it's purpose is to sell ps games,hell it's just common since,the psm and the 360 mag will never give an unbias review .how can people even think about agreeing with any game review when the game isn't even out yet and on top of that Kojima told them not to mention that the game had almost 2hrs(and i've heard that it had a lot more) of cut scenes and the loading time and only gave them a couple of scenes for them to look there isn't no way in h*ll that ant magazine can give a review when they are not allowed to talk about the game.

if a game has flaws like lagging,long loading time,and cut scenes that's longer then a movie i like to know about it before i buy it.he** Kojima is just hand picking things out of the game for them to see and on top of that told them not to mention bad things about the game.the game probaly have flaws and that's why they don't want them to review certain things on the this is the first time that a company gave rules like this before they let companies review then.some companies want even give a review because of the rules that Kojima told them they had to follow.

anyone can go back and read my posts and i've been fair to both systems because i think that the ps3 and 360 are both damn good systems and i will also admit that the ps3 is the most dependable console that was ever made but i think that the people that agree with this are just ps3 fans and if this was the 360 all of them would say the opposite,

h*ll ng2 got reviewed with out telling them to leave something out but before they reviewed it they told them that the game isn't ready yet but ps3 fans said that microsoft was just covering mgs4 got real good reviews when Kojima made the companies that review games to sign an agreement that said they can't mention certain things about the game till it was released.they couldn't talk about all the long loading time,the 2hrs of cut scenes and other aspects of the game and this is the first time in the history of games that this was done but not that it's a game on the ps3 the ps3 fans aree with it.

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Euphrate3668d ago

If you (reviewers) don't, then GTFO. The game was made for fans.

I know it has nothing to do with this article, but just to let people know anyway ;)

OgTheClever3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I'm actually really looking forward to the long cut scenes because i've always enjoyed them in MGS in the past.

If anyone tries to prise my popcorn away from me then they will really regret it in the morning...

Fishy Fingers3668d ago

Good review. Seem's very honest and he is obviously passionate about the series.

Cupid_Viper_33668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

is what i call, JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY, this guy reeks of honesty, in my opinion. and the most brilliant part about his review is the score......that's exactly what i want from a review. A SCORE-LESS influenced review...... thank you.

ps, i cant play this game next to my girl..... if i cried with MGS3, then I'm gonna be like a baby with this one.......

@super..... exactly, there's nothing wrong with pointing out the negatives, its just that you can't ignore the fact that for every negative, there's almost 20 positives...... he's going to play it until his hands fall off..... and i plan on hanging out with him, cuz we gotta figure out how to scratch out nuts, being arm-less and

yanikins1113668d ago

im gonna cry like a baby if Snake goes down. :(

Anyone know if mgs3 is compatible with the 60GB AU ps3? Only one i havent played apart from the psp games.

Bathyj3668d ago

Great minds.

Its compatible, I've been playing it this week as a warm up.

Euphrate3668d ago

scores need to go period. I want reviewers to tell me the good and the bad, forming a score extraced from an opionion= wrong

mistertwoturbo3668d ago

Yup. Scores are just useless tools for fanboys to argue each other. example something Jason 360 would say:

"Nyah Nyah, your game got a 9.9 when mine's got a 10/10, so my game's ultimately better than yours and your opinion sucks!"

dogseye_deadhorse3668d ago

i think games should fall into catagories from SHIIT to AMAZING and about 5 others in between.

Alexander Roy3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Scores wouldn't need to go away if fanboys/girls of both parties weren't that horny for a numeric value that only is based on someones opinion. The thing is, the vast majority just skips the text, reads the numbers and then starts a rant if they don't like them.
But yeah, I agree, scores are stupid, there shouldn't be any and most important - they should not be needed. I played games with fantastic scores that I found boring and I played games that, score wise, nobody would touch with a pole and liked them.
The moral is: Read the text, because then you don't need numbers to see if you find a game interesting.
Anyway, bubble for you.

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