Pay to Win in Hearthstone, Garden Warfare and LOL

"Pay to Win in Hearthstone, Garden Warfare and League of Legends. We're being sucker punched in the wallet and we've had enough", says CalmDownTom

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admiralvic1389d ago

Microtransactions never bothered me, unless the game is designed in a way that is less fair for those trying to actually earn the items. For instance, you can look at a game like Dead Space 3, which is more than possible to win / platinum without ever spending a dime. On the other hand, you can play a lot of iOS games and see that the grind will take you 10+ hours to get a decent build you can obtain with $5 bucks.

I think some of the issues people have is that they just jump to the "pay to win" concept. However, there are a good number of people who simply don't want to play the game for XYZ hours unlocking every costume / character and just want to play online or something along those lines. Sure it sucks for those who put in the time, but the person with time will no doubt have more skill than the person who paid for their upgrades and can usually beat those with more powerful items and no skill.

UltimateMaster1389d ago

I'm not a fan of any Micro-Transactions except for games that are Free-to-play.

But if I have to pay 60$ for a game, then spend another 50$ for those, then I won't bother buying it in the first place.

Jdoki1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I take issue with the comments on Hearthstone. As a casual game there's no need to pay. Even hardcore players can take a 100% free deck up to Legendary (which has been proved many times on Twitch by streamers like TrumpSC). Is it hard? Yep. Are mere mortals likely to be able to do it? No.

Moaning about Hearthstone being pay to win is as pointless as people who moan and whinge about real life TCG's / CCG's like Magic.

I pay for a few packs of cards for Hearthstone every month because it's FUN opening them, seeing what I get and improving my constructed decks accordingly. I would argue Hearthstone would be a LESSER game if it removed the real money aspect.

If people don't like Microtransactions then don't support the developer / publisher... Simple. They will soon get the message.

The problem is that many gamers have such a sense of entitlement. So they want to play these games with microtransactions, but they don't want to pay, they want the full expereince... Fine, But don't whine about it. Vote with your wallet.

I disagree with the costs of Real Racing 3 on iPad... So I tried it, checked out the business model, and uninstalled it. Am I missing out on a good game? Yup, but I have no illusions that I am entitled to play the full game.

The idea behind Hearthstone isn't pay to win; it's a card game where you build the best deck possible, and then use your skills to win. A bad player is a bad player no matter how much they've spent on their perfect meta deck (If you see how many people screw up Miracle Rogue plays you'd know what I mean). People need to get it out of their heads that every game with Microtransactions is somehow not fun unless you pay, or is pay to win... It's not always the case.

And a small correction... Getting a Legendary card isn't 1 in 100 - a bit of research would show it's around 1 in 21 packs. I'm currently averaging 1 in 32 packs - but I have crafted most of them (I buy approx 7 packs per month, plus whatever I gain from Arena - I have never spent real money to enter an Arena).

Actually, on the subject of Arena... If a player gets good enough then Hearthstone can be 100% free. Because for 150G to enter Arena the player needs 7 wins to earn back at least 150G and a pack of cards... And as Arena uses a draft mechanic it is almost completely skill based (again, many streamers go at least 7 wins every time, no matter how bad their decks).