Top 5 Ways Sony Can Win at E3

Here is a top 5 countdown of things Sony can do to turn heads at this year's E3. Do you agree with this list? Should more games not on here be included on the list?

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Thatguy-3101419d ago

Would love to see them announce that the camera will come bundled with the ps4 for the same price of 400$. Already have both but the irony behind such move would be funny

BlackOni1419d ago

That would indeed be hilarious! And also a great value proposition, I hadn't even considered that one!

pompombrum1418d ago

I thought just a simple price drop would be enough to make Microsoft facepalm but to bundle the camera and have it actually be successful would be rubbing salt in an open wound.

madpuppy1418d ago

As long as they don't hire the same camera director they did at last years Gamescom I'll be happy.

By the way, what are the official rules for "competing" at E3? Is it a point system? do they measure applaud volume and length per presentation? BLAH.....

BlackOni1418d ago

This article wasn't meant to be a competition between the two companies, but rather, a look at how they can improve their own show, and get people energized about supporting Sony. I think we all win in the end, especially considering that these companies are in direct competition with each other, but I think E3 is more about how we can be excited about what both of them are doing to be better than their former selves.

madpuppy1418d ago

no doubt, I just really dislike the phrase "who won, win, is winning." It's a product, as long there is healthy competition and the various companies are meeting their financial expectations we, as the consumer, will always be the winners.

Be a great gamer as well as a smart consumer and never hope for the shuttering of the company that is in competition with the company that made the product you own. no competition is an ugly place for a consumer and gamer.

Relientk771418d ago

Agree with #1 100% that's what I really want to see.

TimeSkipLuffy1418d ago

1. Sell PS4 for $349 or less
2. have more than 3 unknown EXCLUSIVE AAA titles released for 2014 and preview at E3 besides the titles that are already known.
3. add all existing features of the PS3 + mkv playback + 10bit support + external HDD support

Also would love to see PS+ offering 1 DLC each month for free as well

Sayburr1418d ago

It will not take much for PS4 to "win E3". They are already considered the "best video game brand" in the world, just look at those sale numbers...

But, if they want to give it to Microsoft, I can't think of anything other than what the article relates.

Really, this E3 is not about Sony, it is about Microsoft, they will either blow it out of the water or sink to its depths.