Night In The Woods Coming to PS4

Night In The Woods is an adventure/exploration game with a heavy focus on story, character, and place. You’ll be doing some running and jumping around, a lot of extracurricular activities, some bass playing, some smashing of things, and a lot of hanging out with your townie friends.

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Neonridr1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

backed the PC version on kickstarter, I wonder if I will have the option to chose the PS4 version instead.

-EDIT- nevermind, just got an email from the dev team explaining exactly that.. lol

NewMonday1358d ago

the game you helped fund looks lovely, looking forward to it thank you.

Neonridr1358d ago

yeah, it looks different and kinda cool. So I thought, why not? Not enough games like these out there, too many of the same damn thing.

I was but one of many who helped make it happen, but I appreciate the thanks nonetheless. ;)

Clover9041358d ago

This game looks amazing :D

The look, music, colors, character designs... Absolutely love it.

Palitera1358d ago

Agreed! Looks great. I'll probably buy it.