New Oculus game from Words With Friends creators brings Mario-like gameplay into virtual reality

The Oculus Rift will get a third-person platformer game. That doesn't sound like it makes any sense, but the game will debut at E3 next week. So we'll find out soon.

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darkronin2291354d ago

Third-person, huh? Guess it makes sense. Jumping around like Mario in first-person would probably make most people dizzy/sick.

aliengmr1354d ago

I actually think the third-person perspective will work far better than people think.

Tolkoto1354d ago

I can't wait to finally try one of these things.

IAmNotAMonster1354d ago

Really interested in seeing how developers tackle games that aren't so inherently spelled-out with this tech. What can you do that isn't just first-person simulation?

Sadie21001354d ago

Good thing they didn't announce a Words with Friends type game. The Kickstarter backers would flip the F out.

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