Naughty Dog Hired at Least Seven Developers in 2014 as Studio Prepares for PS4 Uncharted and More

According to Naughty Dog co-founder Christophe Balestra Naughty Dog is always hiring, and is preparing for Uncharted 4 and a whole new prjects. Tuns out that they indeed hired quite a few new developers recently, including some extremely talented veterans and some fresh, new blood.

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Thatguy-3101449d ago

Someone needs to be working on Crash. It's coming I just feel it.

ps360s1449d ago

I understand that Crash was a very good game and one of the games I have played and owned when I had my Ps1 but do you think a new one can handle the new generation?

I am just saying as I can't see it being what it use to be...some classic games are best to leave it as it is (twisted metal for example)

Randostar1449d ago

I was one of the people who actually liked Twisted Metal ps3.
I would love if they actually made a new one, but went back to the roots more.

ps360s1448d ago

@ Randostar

Thank you for a reply and not just a click on the disagree like others have :)

AceBlazer131449d ago

Didn't hear about these 7 guys getting hired though, only heard about the 4 that left. Smh

mt1449d ago

If this was "Fires" or "lay off" instead of "hired" this article would be heated up.

izumo_lee1449d ago

What is this?! I thought that journalists said that Naughty Dog is in deep trouble with the departure of Amy & Justin. That Uncharted 4 was in development hell & will be a disaster of a game. /s

Seriously though when news like what happened with Amy & Justin, game journalist need to do their homework before jumping to conclusions.

Uncharted 4 is going to be a megaton when they eventually show it off, hopefully that will shut some people up.

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