Even More Destiny Info: E3 Plans, Customization, And More

"There's more info in that one screenshot than we've gotten in some weeks."

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KwietStorm1506d ago

I think they have to have a great showing at E3. Between this and the beta, it could be make or break for this game. Not even taking into account the hype, it just hasn't grabbed a lot of people like they were expecting it to. For a long time I kept hoping they were holding back that "it" factor in the game, but sllvthe actual gameplay they've shown has been pretty straightforward. Hopefully they just haven't shown the big guns.

Shadonic1506d ago

Yea they have to show them EVERYTHING the game has to offer, I'm running into people who didn't even know that its an open world title, they need to bring it in with a bang to.

kodiak404_1506d ago

"You can expect to spend around 4 hours in a raid"

The implementation of 16 player party chat last patch and these raids has me smiling so hard. This is an experience almost unheard of on consoles and it's enough to get excited for alone. Back in the day when WoW was at its peak, raiding and looting with a bunch of people was good times.

Squeaky_door1506d ago

And we can be hopeful that, with bungie's pedigree, the story and universe will be absolutely engulfing and mesmerizing. Can not wait for this game.

KwietStorm1506d ago

Have they said how many players you can do raids with at once?

kodiak404_1506d ago

Looked it up and it's been reported to be up to 6, so that makes the 16 player party chat dream kind of irrelevant. Wish it was more, but that's a solid number of people to round up. What I'm really interested in is how the different classes are gonna affect the dynamic of the group. One more month (supposedly) till the beta so I guess we'll find out then.

KwietStorm1506d ago

Well that's a shame, given how large the world is supposed to be, but maybe not totally irrelevant. Think about strategically doing raids in different areas while your friends tackle another remote location, then either trading, sharing tips during, or other kinds of team work later.

Lawboy21506d ago

Yeah I was just going to say that the player count is capped at 6 and most p v p will be 3 v 3 was really looking forward to the game had my preorder paid off and everything but have lost a lot of interest over the past couple months....I'm going to wait for the beta to see if I still want to get it because as of right now I'm on the fence

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urwifeminder1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

All this over customization is getting out of hand spend 2hrs decorating ur codpiece and a pink trigger on the gun.

Swiggins1506d ago

Don't like it, don't do it.

Don't be such a Debbie Downer.

Shadonic1506d ago

Its all to make your character which your putting yourself into their shoes have a more personal connection in a sense. I guess you will be going with a boring gray color pallet whenever you get the chance to customize anything. Besides if you think customization in gaming goes to the point of COD pieces and gun colors than you haven't been playing many games outside of COD and BF have you ?

Mulletino1506d ago

No one needs that sort of customization. I'll do in this game what I do in real life; Throw on the nearest thing closest to me that's clean, walk out the front door and start kicking some ass...... As a welding inspector :(