More Than 45 New Apps Coming to Xbox

MajorNelson writes 'As of the latest Xbox One system update, currently rolling out worldwide, everyone with an Xbox has access to all of our available entertainment experiences. And that lengthy list is about to get significantly longer – today we’re pleased to announce that our app catalog will increase by nearly 25%, bringing the tally to more than 225 apps around the world.'

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truefan11389d ago

MSFT is bringing the APPS!!!

XiNarutoUzumaki1389d ago

Still waiting for the Pornhub app...

1389d ago
redwin1389d ago

What's pornhub? I'm gonna go check it out...

HugoDrax1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


He tried to be naughty with you, but you were too busy being on Sasuke's jockstrap. So now he is naughty with Hinata Hyūga, you snooze you lose.

XiSasukeUchiha1388d ago

Ok Naruto, please think before you speak hmmm, btw do you have Hinata!?

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user14394141389d ago

Hopefully they bring an update out to fix the menu systems and make it more like the X360. I love apps but the system was designed to be used for Kinect navigation with voice commands and this makes the system very hard to navigate with just a controller. Ok you can pin apps to the home screen but with 45 new apps coming out plus the ones already on the console it's going to be very cluttered on the home screen with no way to sort between pinned apps and games. I hope Microsoft can find a way to make it better because I love video games. XoXoXo


You can simply go to my apps, and all of your apps will be there. What is so hard or difficult about that?

user14394141389d ago

Its obvious that Major Nelson or Phil Spencer has sent people over from the blog or Microsoft forums to disagree with my posts here on N4G, YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE ME.

To load all apps you have to load an app called my apps and games? Everything is an app on xbox one lol Bring back the seamless integration of the X360 PLS. XoXoXo

Volkama1389d ago

You don't have the console do you?

My games and apps is on the home screen as soon as you turn the console on. From there it categorises apps and games, so it really doesn't take long to find what you want. Not something I ever do myself, since "XBox play x" is simple (or putting a disc in if you still do that kinda thing).

Having said that, other elements of the interface definitely have room for improvement.

JasonKCK1389d ago

It's funny when people get caught.

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Blaze9291389d ago

Instagram and Vine please. First console to have either of those will get a pretty big social boost.

Lawboy21389d ago

U didn't read the article...vine is now on xbox one along with twitter...but instar am is not there yet

HugoDrax1389d ago

"Another exciting new feature coming to Xbox One is the first Vine app made for TV. Not only will you be able to watch all your favorite Vine videos on the biggest screen in your house, you’ll be able to share gameplay videos from Upload Studio as a Vine."

- Major Nelson

Last paragraph once you read the article. Now all they have to announce is.....

"XBOX Screenshot.........XBOX send to Instagram" :-)

Illusive_Man1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Universal Apps are going to be a killer feature on Xbox One. This is going to a major distinguishing feature on the X1 and will further separate it from the PS4 on the UI side. Having a Windows 8 custom OS means that over time the X1 will develop a much more robust ecosystem.

No_Limit1389d ago

The best part of it is, apps don't require Live gold anymore so more people will get to experience and use these apps.

choujij1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Let me know when I can install Firefox or Chrome. If it's running Windows, I don't see why we can't be allowed to run our own preferred web browsers, instead of Internet Explorer.

mcstorm1389d ago

I agree and its a great list of apps only thing I want to know is what is the date they are out and the 2 I want the most are NHL and NowTV.

True_Samurai1389d ago

Yes I've been waiting for the crunchy roll app! I love me some anime :)

Brix901389d ago

I can't wait...hope PS4 implements some apps like this.

Toman851389d ago

Of course only US. MS screw Europe again. Only one app is coming to Norway, my country.
The only thing I want my X1 to be is pure gaming console, not this mediahub.

Blaze9291389d ago

"The only thing I want my X1 to be is pure gaming console"

if that is so, then why this:

"MS screw Europe again. Only one app is coming to Norway"

sounds like you're pretty mad. Yet you don't care about apps?

marlinfan101389d ago

"The only thing I want my x1 to be is a pure gaming console"

Why cant it do both? Having the apps wont take away from your gaming

creeping judas1389d ago

Some apps are not allowed to be offered in certain countries, due that countries policies. Ie, we cannot get Hulu Plus in Canada, unless you use an IP address changer program to fool the protection in place. This is done in Canada to ensure proper amount of Canadian content.

JasonKCK1389d ago

Lot of BS flying around today. Lot of people pretending to own something they don't.

Toman851389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Do you imply that I don't own a Xbox One?
That is so messed up, of course I have a X1, beside my Wii U and PS4. Do you want some proof? :)

lovelobster1389d ago

You can change in setting your region to US download all the US apps and go back to your region they work just fine my account is for US. and I have apps from UK and Mexico I dont see the problem.

kennyg37391389d ago

If you want a pure gaming go buy nes, Sega Genesis, or something like that. Times are changing buddie...

Toman851389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Have them hehe! I always want new consoles for my gaming needs.

Fireseed1389d ago

Sounds like a complaint you should lodge with the App developers... not MS. Unless you're thick enough to think MS actually makes these apps.

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