Should Uncharted 4 Have A Darker Tone?

OnlySP: If you had to explain the Uncharted series to non-gamers, the best way to describe it is that it’s the videogame equivalent to Indiana Jones, National Treasure and Fool’s Gold combined. You’ve got a dashing hero that can’t be defeated, exotic locations to travel to and legendary treasures to uncover. Yet in terms of telling a story, much like those films, it’s all very PG-13. Sure, Uncharted is a series that suffers from the fancy-sounding term “ludonarrative dissonance” but it’s always telling a story that’s just a little bit weak in terms of delivering drama. It’s a core feature of the series to have a “light” story, so would it make sense to have the next game become “the darker one”? Let’s discuss.

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-Foxtrot1475d ago

Yes...if it stays on the path Uncharted 3 did since that was a darker tone. However as I've said I just wouldn't want them to go overboard and let the Last of Us influence them too much. I obviously trust what ND will do but as long as the dark tones are in line with what Uncharted 3 brought to the table everything will be fine.

I just wouldn't want to see Elena killed off which Neil was going to do in Uncharted 2.

PockyKing1475d ago

Having that risk that one of the main characters might "go" is what makes the story all the more intense and emotional though! :)

ZodTheRipper1475d ago

I don't think it will be literally "darker" but rather more mature, cinematic and yes, intense. Like they said, it will be a logical evolution of theír last few games and everything they learned in terms of storytelling and presentation during these years. I still expect lighthearted dialogue and likeable characters just as much as an interesting plot and breathtaking setpieces.

If there's any developer out there that should have our complete trust it's Naughty Dog so I don't see any reason to be worried.

PockyKing1475d ago

I'm certainly not worried and wouldn't mind Uncharted taking a darker/mature theme to its story telling. The way the third game presented Marlow, it was on the right path. I think she's a bit overrated as a character, as I didn't think Naughty Dog explored her enough to really make me "fear" her, just as they didn't do with the guy from Uncharted 2.

So, it'll be interesting to see what they do this time around, but with Neil and Bruce at the helm, I'm expecting good things.

Didn't write the editorial btw*

-Foxtrot1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

But why would you want it for any of those three characters.

If it was Cutter or Chloe even then it's not as bad but Elena along with Sully and Drake are our three main characters, they were the ones established in the very first game. They like Drake are a part of the franchise

Not to mention Elena is one of the best strong female characters of last gen, why kill her off, it would be a waste at the end of the day. Then you have the fact you have the on/off relationship for the past few games so we finally get to see Drake stay with her now and her being there from the start of his adventures.

MazzingerZ1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Not sure what darker means? Like The Darkness, FEAR? Bioshock? Even LIMBO is dark...really dark

If one means less amusing chat between characters with in many cases was rather improvisation then I would rather not otherwise I think Uncharted is already mature, the violence and even jokes are mature jokes, it demands a certain age to understand the plot as well, the change in the plot at the end on the first Uncharted really got me out of base, it was creepy when it first "happened"(trying not to spoil to those that haven't yet played the game)

So I wonder what we mean with dark in that case

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PockyKing1475d ago


I didn't say I did want them killed off. But main characters not having any risk associated with them is just boring in my own opinion. It's like half of today's movies where you know the main character is going to make it through and the heroes will save the day.

I don't expect anything like Game of Thrones in Uncharted, but I feel much more empathetic with characters when you don't know what's going to happen to them and have the unexpected happen.

Dom's death in Gears of War 3? We saw that coming since the 1st game ha.

-Foxtrot1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

"It's like half of today's movies where you know the main character is going to make it through and the heroes will save the day"

Isn't that what Uncharted is trying to be action adventure film like The Mummy, Indiana Jones, Sahara etc

I wouldn't want to see any of those characters get killed off. I mean you have the Mummy 2 where Evie was stabbed but because of what the film was like she was brought back to life. Ridiculous....yes but all good fun.

I just feel with side characters like Chloe, Cutter or anyone else they introduce we would still feel something because NaughtyDog write some fantastic characters in their games and these deaths would still impact Drake.

Am I saying they shouldn't get hurt...course not, but killing them off for good, no thanks. Those three characters should stick around.

Elena nearly dying in Uncharted 2 where for the spilt second you thought she could be was worrying enough.....then you have Sully in Uncharted 3 with the red eclipse, that was dishearting.

Thatguy-3101475d ago

I wouldn't want anyone to die but I don't like the idea of Drake and Elena being an official item. Think they should have just saved that until the last game that way their relationship doesn't play a role in the games. I loved the character dynamic in UC2 with Chloe, Elena and Drake.

izumo_lee1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

They may not have Elena killed off but at least have her in dire straits which will give Nathan that added motivation to do the things he does. Joel from the Last of Us was a good father but when Sarah died it pushed him over the brink & that made his character that much more deep. I wanna see Nathan in that state of mind, wouldn't that be so intriguing to see rather than the lighthearted jokester we have seen so far?

Also there is nothing wrong with killing off a main character. It has worked in past games (Aerith in Final Fantasy, John Marston in RDR, Lee in Walking Dead) for example. It has worked in film as well. Would it suck if Elena or Sully is killed, yeah of course but if it makes for a better experience so be it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1475d ago

I disagree about Uncharted 3's darker tone when compared to uncharted 2. It had a more human tone but that doesn't make it darker.
Lazaravic was a way more brutal villain. Flynn committed suicide and almost took Elena with him. And when Lazarvic killed the camera guy after you'd put so much effort into pulling him to safety, it pretty much solidified your hatred for the guy. You just WANTED cap that guy. I didn't hate Katherine and that scrawny guy, I just thought they were pesky and annoying.

Uncharted 3's story revolved around the relationships that Drake had with Sully and Elena. It was a more personal story (even if it failed in some areas) but I wouldn't call it darker.

Joe9131475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

LMFAO I knew fox trot would be the first to comment on this article I clicked on this link just to see if I was right. I have no problem with the series getting darker as far as people dying and stuff but I see why people would not want it to go that route.

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snookiegamer1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Who amazing studio, making an amazing game can be trusted IMO.


....and I'm with Foxtrot on this one. Don't kill off Elena.

SmokingMonkey1475d ago

As long as it comes out this year, as in Nov-Dec I don't care if it's darker or lighter!

Uncharted has always been gold, GOLD!

Batzi1475d ago

If the story permits it yes why not? But don't make games "dark" just for the sake of it.

Spotie1474d ago

Exactly that. No need to make it dark if it doesn't NEED to be dark. That's how you screw a game up.

LordMaim1475d ago

As long as Sully doesn't die before Richard McGonagle, I think they should go where the story takes them. Like many have said before, I trust Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley to deliver a strong story and fantastic game.

...But don't you goddamn touch Sully.

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