Homefront: The Revolution on past-gen would've slowed down new-gen, says Crytek

In what many, many PS4 and Xbox One owners are thrilled to hear, Homefront: The Revolution is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC only, skipping past-gen systems, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But why was this decision made, even with some 2015 games still being announced for past-generation consoles, in addition to PS4, Xbox One and PC?

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ZodTheRipper1503d ago

Finally someone who says it how it is. I can understand that some developers are trying cross-gen but their games would be just so much better if they wouldn't have to think about last-gen limitations.

solar1502d ago

problem is the same limitations of last gen is still in this so called "next gen". dev's have to pick between 1080p or 60fps, when both should be the bottom of the barrel. then achieve more after the bottom is reached.

abstractel1502d ago

That's a really odd comment solar. Dying Light is going for 1080p 60fps. Forza XB1 was 1080p 60fps. The thing is, to most people and most developers, 60fps just isn't worth what you have to sacrifice.

The topic on hand here is if focusing new-gen only makes a difference to making a cross-gen game and the answer is a clear YES. If you have to design with cross-gen in mind, you have to make sure everything you are planning will run on last-gen machines.

You might not notice, except graphics, what you can achieve gameplay wise on new-gen that you can't on last-gen but there's lots of _gameplay_ things you can achieve on new-gen that you simply can't on last-gen.

That doesn't mean all developers/designers are good enough to design a game that take advantage of new-gen platforms except for prettier graphics, but great designers will push gameplay further because of the added horse power.

UltraNova1502d ago

To add to your comment, physics and lighting alone can bring any system down to its knees, while you can get away with reducing lighting from one gen to another, physics is another matter it contributes to overall experience and cannot be dramatically reduced in old gen ports. Its potentially game breaking.

So when cross gen title is planed, the heavy stuff are designed first and foremost for the older hardware, inherently limiting the newer consoles.

A prime example of that would be Watchdogs.

4logpc1503d ago

People love talking crap about Crytek, but their decision to pretty much go full force on next gen in nice.

Bathyj1502d ago

Yeah, but lets hope theyre not doing it for merely graphical reasons. Lets hope they open up that gameplay to take advantage of next gen power too.

Pandamobile1502d ago

If they approach this game the same way they did with Crysis 1, it should be awesome.

90% of what was wrong with Crysis 2 and 3 can be attributed to cutbacks being made for the 360 and PS3.

user56695101502d ago

now theyre on crytek side again until the next thing the say with common sense that doesnt make the favorite company looks good.

above i doubt it has something to do with gameplay. most of the time it has to do with gfx. look at the new batman. the didnt say anything that has to do with gameplay. they always stated how the batmobile look and the detail, etc..

XiSasukeUchiha1503d ago

Finally some sense, pheww thank you :)

deadfrag1502d ago

Frankly how can anyone trust Crytek ever again when they had the nerve to say that 8GB of Ram are still low.Frankly im full of all of the BS that comes out from the mouth of some of the headhouncho guys at Crytek.Im still WAITING to see a game made for consoles from Crytek that actually have a story that makes sense,a great gameplay and that runs at stable and smooth framerates!Because until now all there games were average and run like crap not even sustain the 30fps minimum mark,and from a company that brags itself of been in the front of tech development when it comes to games engines that is just one big fail,not to mention the other ones.Im almost betting that there games will still run bellow the 30fps minimum on this new gen hardware still.So much flare but no substance!

Reaper29r1502d ago

Dude you've honestly never played a Crytek game in HD on a good gaming PC. Their games look fantastic on good hardware. The problem is their art style if you will, is basically make it look as real as possible without tricking your eyes requiring a lot of graphical juice. Which didn't match up well with last gen consoles specs. Compared to the Crysis series for example (again art style, specially faces), Halo and Uncharted (both great games) look a bit cartoony with flat textures in comparison. What they were able to do on 360 and PS3 was impressive. As far as gameplay it may not be your cup tea (I personally enjoyed them, original Crysis and Far Cry are awesome)but you can't deny they are very good at pushing graphics.

Sy_Wolf1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

They never said that 8GB of ram "was low." They said in the future they will be hurting for RAM again just like on last gen. That's absolutely true if games continue to progress, which they will. And Crytek's games DO run well over 30 frames a second and stable, you just need a decked out PC. If you don't like there games here's a crazy idea, don't play them or even spend time thinking about them.

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