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Mini Fortress writes:

"Swords and Soldiers HD is a simplified real-time strategy (RTS) game that is presented with a side-scrolling perspective. Players control a team of soldiers based on one of three ethnic groups – Vikings, Aztecs, and Chinese – and must summon troops to carry out battle with the opposing team. While many RTS features appear in Swords and Soldiers HD – mining for gold, summoning troops, and building towers – they are presented with a simplified approach that makes Swords and Soldiers HD easy to learn and play for RTS newbies."

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MNGamer-N1422d ago

I like this little game, RTS is my favorite genre. Wish there were more games like this on consoles. My only complaint is that is not a very deep RTS experience, my inner RTS OCD requires multiple resources, units, buildings and large upgrade tree to be fully satisfied.

But that's not what this game is, it's a little RTS game you can pick up learn quickly and play through in a couple hours. Local battle mode is awesome fun with family and friends. For a couple bucks it's a nice little pick-up for the WiiU.

robparko1422d ago

Wii U would be a great console for developers to create RTS games on. This one, as you said, does lack depth, but it's still a satisfying experience.