Five Unsung Games of E3 2014

OXCGN: "In the lead up to E3 there’s always excitement. Blockbuster titles, big budget IP’s and as always the latest Call of Duty, dominate the headlines.

But this year we're seeing more and more small titles, be them indie or even indie inspired titles from larger companies, that look to be unique and exciting but go reasonably unnoticed.

Here’s a look at just a few of the unsung games to watch out for in the future!"

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The 10th Rider1325d ago

Valiant Hearts and No Man's Sky definitely have my attention!

IanVanCheese1324d ago

No Man's Sky was hardly unsung, the internet went mental for it when it was unveiled.

incendy351323d ago

Definitely excited for all 5 of those! Especially Below!