Uncharted's Amy Hennig & Stashwick Researching for New Star Wars Game, Dead Space Director Involved

Former Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig and her co-writer Todd Stashwick are currently doing research for their new Star Wars game at the Skywalker Ranch, and also revealed that Dead Space 3's Creative Director is on board.

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XiSasukeUchiha1481d ago

This game is going to be fun:)

logan_izer101481d ago

This is an experiment...

This game will be fun!

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-Foxtrot1481d ago

I really can't wait for this :)

However...Dead Space 3's Creative mean the one which most likely contributed to the downfall of Dead Space :|

gamerfan09091481d ago

Maybe I'm not a die hard fan of these games,, but I enjoyed Dead Space 3 a lot. Everything about it was satisfying to me. i don't think visceral has made a bad game yet.

-Foxtrot1481d ago

It just ruined the series in my opinion

The story was ruined, they turned Isaac and Ellie into something they aren't, side characters were boring and generic

It was an action game rather then a horror and that's not Dead Space to me.

Agent20091481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I wonder if it's going to have anything to do with Star Wars 1313. I'd find it very ironic, that the ex-Naughty Dog people were working on reviving a supposedly cancelled Uncharted-esque game.

millerj27401481d ago

I've said the exact same thing a number of times but people insist that game is dead forever. I don't want to cling to false hope, but I'm going to anyway, until Disney says definitively its never coming back. Somebody has to keep that torch lit lol

KinjoTakemura1481d ago

This is old news. Hennig has been on the Star Wars project since March.

Abriael1481d ago

What's new news is that you quite obviously didn't read the article.

KinjoTakemura1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

If Henning has been working on the Star Wars game since March what exactly could be new? Just following your lead buddy.

Abriael1481d ago

That they're doing research for it at the Skywalker Ranch, meaning that they entered the planning phase of development, and that the Dead Space Creative Director is involved in the project.

You don't follow leads very well buddy :D

KinjoTakemura1481d ago

So your news was news even though your news was news 3 months ago? Sounds logical to me.


0P-Tigrex1481d ago

I don't like Amy Henning. She done F'd up Uncharted 3.

0P-Tigrex1481d ago

She did. the game was a rehashed version of 2.

FalloutWanderer20771481d ago

What's your excuse for the first two then? gtfo buddy. how old are you 14? pubes growing in yet hmmm. peach fuzzy wuzzy. uncharted 3 was like, so much like the 2nd game, it had Natahn drake in it! copy and paste job bro!

0P-Tigrex1480d ago

The first two were original. lofl! you gtfo when you can't even refute my point. Uncharted 3 had the SAME SET PEICES AS Uncharted 2!! The game's pacing was horribly slow, character development was awful. UC2= You go on a train, crash, walk through the snow, pass out, you get saved, battle your way through a convoy, crash, then battle your way to the entrance.

UC3, you go on a plane, you crash, you walk(longer), you pass out, you get saved, battle your way through a convoy, battle your way through an entrance... lmao. Copy&Paste job bro.

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