ChristCenteredGamer Bust-A-Move 4 Review

With all of the possible game modes there are over 600 levels to enjoy. Many consider this to be the best in the series with the addition of pulleys and chain reactions. The asking price of $5.99 is well worth the entry fee. Linux and Mac users can enjoy a free clone (without pulleys) called Frozen Bubble.

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Alexious1361d ago

Damnit, I loved this game! I remember the old times now...

crimsonfox1361d ago

Back in the day my mom would have me go with her to do laundry at this horrible place full of chicks talking about their husband problems and I hated every second of folding clothes. But when we waited for clothes to wash or dry. I was having the time of my life playing Bust a Move on the arcade machine they had in there. ohh the memories.

ccgr1361d ago

what costed more laundry or arcade?? :)