2K E3 2014 Preview

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a preview of what to expect from 2K ahead of their E3 coverage. The company has the hot games Evolve and Borderlands: The Pre Sequel on hand as well as the latest in the Civilization series.

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NYC_Gamer1509d ago

NFL 2K returning would make me so excited but its very doubtful

Garethvk1509d ago

It was not on my list of what to expect but who knows. One company happily listed what I can expect to see then said oh, we have a AAA title we have not announced yet and will do so at the show so who knows. They did not tell anyone about the new Borderlands until days before PAX East and there it was. I meet with them on Tue so I will have some reports and images from it.

Akuma2K1509d ago

I still believe 2K is coming back, that type of news is kept quiet until announced on the stage (the impact will be that much bigger).

Garethvk1508d ago

I think there are some nice features of the three games they spoke about that they will reveal. Even announced games usually have a new suprise or wrinkle at E3.