Marvel Heroes 2015 Launch Trailer and Stats Infographic

Gazillion Entertainment has released the full official launch trailer for Marvel Heroes 2015 and a stats infographic for the franchise. Marvel Heroes 2015 is the next phase of the Marvel Heroes gaming universe, which promises to add new content and story lines to keep the game’s world in line with Marvel’s overall universe.

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Nine_Thousaaandd1421d ago

Nice...looks really good! Hope to see a console version soon...Sony should grab this one up fast!

snookiegamer1421d ago

Sony have a deal with DC Universe, so it would be 'conflict of Interest' territory and counter productive.

Nine_Thousaaandd1421d ago

Ah...didn't realize that, thx! Too bad, I'm more of a Marvel fan than DC fan. Oh well...I have my PC for gaming as well.

acemonkey1421d ago

is this dlc or be along with the game? i bought the game and cable and some others